The human brain is the most powerful and capable of a lot of things. There is a certain aspect of life or human history that science has failed to explain even today. Researches about reincarnation are still undergoing. Even the existence of spirits is something not everyone believes. And the ones who do, seem to know about a practice of meditating communication called Mediumship. Spiritual medium is a term associated with that practice. It is the participants in the process who becomes the medium between the living and the spirits. 

What are the different types of Mediumship? 

It is a practice anyone can conduct. It does not require any practice or particular skills to excel at it. You only need sheer luck and chances of not being a fraud. If we describe it in a simple language, we call it spirit channeling. It is a way to meditate and communicate with the dead. It may sound a little scary, but it is quite eye-catching. The different type of spirit channeling involves trance, ouija boards, and seance tables. Many people can participate together, but the responsibility of being the spiritual medium falls on one. 

Is there any actual evidence?

Mediumship is one of those aspects of human activities that is yet to reveal its secrets. Science has spent a nice amount of time decoding its truth. Yet, it did not reach any evident conclusion. There is a lack of scientific evidence. However, Mediumship is pretty hyped in the cult culture movies. Thus, being famous worldwide. It first draws attention during the 90s when the Ouija board saw a rise in demand. The rich and privileged people used this board as a form of entertainment. It gave chances to writers and directors to come up with horror books and movies.

 The curious audience wanted to try out the board for themselves as well. The ouija industry automatically saw a rise in its profit. It became a horror prop and a fun sport for kids. However, some people have claimed to make connections with spirits. It is difficult to determine whether those people are being honest or trying to scam people. Due to the lack of scientific knowledge in the 90s and people’s foolishness, ouija became the easiest way to scam people. And the industry profited more based on fraud deals.

How does it work?

Even though it is still considered fictional and discovered more, the Mediumship will not work without spiritual mediums. It is said that during the practice, the spirit takes control over the medium’s voice or body. It communicates through the medium. Now the communication can be mental or physical. Before the spirit supposedly takes control over the medium, they can feel the spirit either mentally or through physical attributes.

The mental mediums are where the medium gets to sense the spirit or see it. The physical mediums are where the spirit communicates with the medium through any object or knocking on the door, tapping on the table, etc. 

Is it bad?

Mediumship has an old history with various religious beliefs. By spirits, it doesn’t mean all bad or spooky ones. It is often seen as a way to communicate with God and other deities.

If Mediumship appeals to you and wants to try it out for yourself, please do the required research. Do not jump right into it. Even if it lacks solid evidence, you still do not want to face any issue, which even science will have a hard time dealing with. Read books and documentary videos for a better view of this subject.

By Anurag Rathod

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