Experiencing the Delightful Floating Massage Spa

floating massage spa servicesExperiencing the Delightful Floating Massage Spa

“ZunZune Sailing Adventure – The Only Floating Massage Spa & Massage Therapy Retreat” is located on the Caribbean coast of Puerto Rico. “ZunZune Sailing Adventure” is part of the Virgin Islands Fleet. “ZunZune Sailing Adventure” offers guests sailing experiences along the English River as well as on Catalina Island, the main island of Puerto Rico. The “ZunZune Sailing Adventure” is a complete day’s worth of excitement. It includes all meals and beverages, and a two-hour onboard cruise to Puerto Rico and many other islands throughout the Caribbean.

“ZunZune Sailing Adventure” takes place at sea, while crew members, students, and instructors are out on the water. The skipper is outfitted with skis for the water, a parrot for communication while in the air, and a radio to communicate with land-based guests. The skipper will take advantage of prevailing winds to make several passes over a stretch of the French Riviera. When he lands he will meet his passenger, show them the way back to their stateroom, and then sail back with them to the yacht for lunch and relaxation.

Two different types of floating massage spa services are offered here. The first is foot reflexology where guests lie on floating massage tables and receive a foot massage. The second is foot ionization where guests lay on tables and are immersed in foot massages with the use of foot ionizers.

The largest of the Virgin Islands, Grand Cayman, has a lot to offer visitors. It has everything from an almost tropical paradise to family-friendly resorts and adventure activities for everyone. There’s even a luxury golf course, a water park, and a casino.. Grand Cayman is also home to America’s first underwater restaurant, the Underwater Restaurant. If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, there’re the Paradise Casino Resort and Spa.

Other islands near Grand Cayman offer a variety of experiences. One is Aruba, which offers golf, boating, fishing, swimming, and sailing. Another is Turks & Caicos, where you can soak up the sun on a sunny beach, go deep sea fishing, or take part in some extreme mountain biking. The last major island on Grand Cayman is St. Croix, which has its own zip-line that allows you to enjoy a truly unique vacation experience.

Another type of massage offered by Virgin Islands massage therapists is aromatherapy. This treatment utilizes essential oils in treating injuries and restoring energy to the body. Aromatherapy helps the mind and body relax, calm, and promote healing. Essential oils include lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, jasmine, and Rosemary. You may also receive a massage using the steam from underwater massage machines. This treatment uses a combination of warm water and the suction from a high-pressure blower.

When it comes to services, you’ll find the floating massage spa to be outstanding. If you’re staying on one of the five main islands, you’re sure to find several types of massage available. In fact, if you stay on Grand Cayman or one of the other islands, you’ll likely have a few different massage therapist options. If you prefer a more personal experience, however, you can book an appointment with a massage therapist in Virgin Islands who will create a customized massage experience just for you.

Overall, there is something for everyone when you visit a Virgin Islands spa. You can have a relaxing, stress-relieving massage, enjoy a hot stone massage, or take advantage of the aromatherapy that is available. Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find the right massage therapy program that meets them. You’ll also have an opportunity to see a bit of the history of this island destination.

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