Do These 5 Exercises To Save Your Posture While Working From Home

working from home

As the world moved into a strict lockdown, working from home became the new normal and your movements throughout the day also became limited. Sitting in the same position for hours started to take a toll on your posture. So, exercises have become significant now, more than ever before. 

To counteract the negative impacts of sitting for long hours, including a few exercises in your routine will help save your posture. We have listed a few of them below to help you stay fit as you work from your homes.

Here are the 5 Exercises That can Save Your 

  1. Chest Opener

As you work all day on your PC or laptop, your chest tends to bear a lot of pressure due to the posture you sit in. To release this build-up, you can do the chest opener. 


  1. Sit straight on a chair, whose height keeps your knees and hips on the same level.
  2. Place your feet with a distance of a hip-width on the floor.
  3. Interlace your hands, place them behind your head with your elbows wide open, and look up towards the ceiling.
  4. Close your elbows and smoothly round the upper spine.
  1. Downward Facing Dog

Along with the chest, your spine also deals a lot while you sit all day working. So, to straighten and decompress your vertebrae, you should go for exercises, such as a downward-facing dog. 

Process: Place your hands at a distance of shoulder-width and your feet hip-width apart on the floor. Then, you will have to lift your hips as you bend your knees. Now, put your head down, aligning with your back, and lengthening your tailbone.

  1. Rag Doll Fold

Sitting for long also restricts easy blood flow to the brain to quite an extent. Exercises such as a rag doll fold will help you release the compression.

Process: Bend your knees from the standing position and pivot towards the front at your hips. Put your weight on the balls of your feet and then lower your head. Doing so will release the neck and lower back muscles.

  1. Half Kneel Stretch

When you sit for long hours, your muscles tend to get stiffer. To increase your mobility, you can count on exercises, such as half kneel stretch.

Process: First, set yourself into a half-kneeling position. Then, go for a posterior pelvis, which will drop your lower back, and inhale. Now, as you exhale, smoothly put your body weight forward. Remember not to let your back arch.

  1. Spinal Twists

Working for long hours and sitting all the while also affects your digestion system. To counteract it, you should practice exercises, such as spinal twists, for regulating your metabolic rate and spinal mobility.

Process: Sit tall on a chair and let your feet touch the floor with a distance of hips-width. Now, rotate to your right by keeping your core tight and lifting through the spine. Then hold the position for about five seconds and vice versa.  It will help if you do it five times.


So, you see, how remaining fit is significant to work from home efficiently. All the exercises mentioned above will help you with your posture as you sit all day in front of your workstation, pc, or laptop. You can deliver positive results only if you are healthy in and out.

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