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1917, the year of the creation of an attire that is still one of the most versatile outfits and easy to make combinations with, to be the most glamorous and the fashionista in the room. This military clothing is probably the most famous piece of attire that hits the streets by storm and now is one of the essential items of fashion that everyone has in their wardrobe even to the current days. 

Like the other leather jackets, it is a timeless merch worn and loved by millions not just today but in years to come. The abundant history of this outrageous outfit from the origins to military uniform and later on, become the signature of many subcultures from the 1980s. To this date, they are considered one of the high fashion setters. 

The Leather Bomber Jacket are like the most distinctive item to go to. Typically, the structure of this timeless piece of military clothing consists of leather with some fabric or stretchable collar, rib knit cuffs, and waistband, and zipper closure at front. The origin of this attire goes as they are only made up of thick leather as they are for the flight pilots. 

It’s pretty cold at high altitudes, but now as our fashion gurus are crazy and always play around with all kinds of fabrics and material, that’s why you might have seen a variety of material and style in some cases. The most common material seen on some famous trendsetters is suede leather, wool, and cotton satin. All of them are lovely and worth giving a shot as they are great in their ways.

Well, from numerous styles and materials to choose from, let’s have some styles that you can get inspiration from and might have tried at some point in your life. If not, then it’s never too late to step up your fashion standards and be arrested by everyone’s eyes anywhere you go.

Everyone’s Go-to! 

The most common combination that everyone wears with their favorite bomber jacket. Why shouldn’t, right! The flight outfit looks astonishingly well with a simple t-shirt and is probably the easiest way to have some good looks, and it is one of those combinations that many of us have that we can fall to if anything goes sideways at the last moment.

The semi-formal!

For high tea with your colleagues and you don’t want to wear something too casual but neither too formal because of the difference between your office and a simple get-together, don’t worry, get your shirt that you like the most with some nice pants. Some sleek sneakers that match your whole outfit, then come the magical part, finish it off, have a bomber jacket, and wear it over your neat shirt, and then voil√†. That’s the best semi-formal look without any hustle, not just that you would be confident in the clothes that you are wearing, which is the essential thing to a fashionista. 

Over a sweater! 

As bombers are good for some mild breeze but to make yourself cozy in the winter and wanna look great, rock some good sweaters and throw on your simple leather bomber and be amazed if you haven’t tried this combination with a bomber yet. The colors will be your choice, but the most admired one is to go monochromatic, just a suggestion! 

Except white and black! 

There are a lot of combinations that you can wear. Still, the most beloved combination is black and white, but if you want to make a statement about your fashion, try something new or the underdog combinations that look great but aren’t that common Red and black. You can do it in two ways. First, you can go with a red jacket and black shirt or t-shirt, and the other way around, both the ways you will like it. 

Over a Dress

This may sound a bit old fashion, but if anyone says you just don’t let them go into your head, they just don’t get it. The bomber over a dress is an unbeatable combination and probably one of the most beloved since that beginning and still is.

For your baseball game!

For your next Saturday game that you are going to, and you also want to make a statement try the oldest combo in the book, which isn’t considered outdated and works like a charm. Just with your favorite ball game t-shirts, have a matching bomber, and finish it off with your hat to support your team. 

The mature look! 

As you might have ever noticed if anyone is wearing an outfit it seems like has that charismatic effect, that’s why suede is one of the essential material to have in your wardrobe. Having a suede bomber is the best thing you can get because that will attract almost everyone you are going to meet that day.

The Love of Patches!

The love of patches is found in almost everyone and especially in this era of fashion. Several trendsetters wear nothing but bombers that have some patches, and the best thing about this style all you have to do is to balance your whole outfit as it is already too much to handle. 


Just like the black bomber jacket, there is another tone that is appreciated by numerous people that follow the fashion by heart and can’t get over with this color. It is the best one to wear with almost anything and look like it was meant to be worn that way.

The origin! 

To show your enthusiasm for fashion, try out the outfit that was firstly meant for the flight pilot and then was adapted by the civilians as a piece of a fashionable outfit. They are called the B1 bomber jackets, and they are great for the winter seasons as they have shearling inside to keep you warm and cozy all the time. This old attire can speak for themselves about your love of fashion, so do try it out.

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