Copenhagen is a fascinating place to visit tucked in Northern Europe. Get mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes, the memoirs of the past of some of the mightiest breeds, the architectural structures, the rich cultural heritage, make it all the more enticing for the tourists. This city is one of the oldest habitats of Europe which until the 15th century used to be a Viking fishing village. Visit this amazing city full of spectacular attractions exhibiting its culture and heritage.

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Read the following list to explore in the city: 

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli garden is one of the most popular places to visit in Copenhagen offering many thrilling sites that include a roller coaster, cafes, bars, and theatres. This site Tivoli is a haven for tourists where people from different European countries and the world come here. You will witness the magnificent performances in the garden by international stars. This spot is also home to the world’s oldest roller coaster named Rutschebanen.

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo must be included in your Copenhagen sightseeing located in Frederiksberg. This zoo opens up the beautiful world of fauna that houses a total of 3,500 animals belonging to 250 species. These animals are of African Savannas or South American origin. This zoo is one of the special attractions including the New Elephant House and many other adventurous things to explore.

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The Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid was made in 1913 which is the world’s famous fairy tale written by H.C Anderson. Visit this blissful area where the sculptured mermaid has been made alive while sitting on the rock. This resurrects the awe for the fictional creature and the best place to visit with kids making them think does mermaid exist? This sculpted mermaid sits on a rock on the banks of Oresund overseeing the waters with a somber expression on her face. This site is one of the best places to visit in Copenhagen. Have a tour of the mermaid to get photographed statues in Denmark.

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Nyhavn is one of the most stunning sites in the city which means New Harbor. This area is one of the oldest neighborhoods and ports in Copenhagen. You will this port transports to the near big European vessels sailing on the oceans in search of newer lands and opportunities. This site exhibits hidden pat through the corner for sailors and many memoirs of the history of Denmark. Visit this area to learn every nook and corner of Nyhavn. This site is upgraded with colorful buildings that will make you mesmerize for sure.

destinations to watch. If you are also a history enthusiast, then you must stroll around 

Copenhagen is one of the best cities to visit for having tons of spectacular streets that speak out the hidden past of the city.

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