Ever Thought To Become A Lawyer? Here’s How


Becoming a lawyer is a dream for many students, and CVRU Bilaspur is one of the most prestigious universities to provide students with an opportunity to study law. An education in law enables students to practice law and prepare for multiple careers like becoming a lawyer, a judge, a corporate executive and a wide range of legal roles. 

The faculty of the department of law at CVRU gives the students exposure to all the aspects of law and prepares them for multiple job roles not limited to the ones mentioned above. They infuse the professional skills and legal knowledge required to build a flourishing career in the field of law. Along with this, they are taught human values and ethics so that they can help their clients in the best possible way in the future. 

It is very important to choose a reputed university to study law because it is during these years that the student is getting the maximum formative knowledge. The student gets the chance to explore multiple dimensions of law like criminal, political, industrial, civil and cyber law. Lawyers are an integral part of the society and this is one of the things that CVRU Bilaspur instils in their students making it comparable to the best law colleges in Raipur

There is always a need for good legal institutions as the demand for good lawyers never goes away. 

Here is some information on the courses provided by CVRU Bilaspur

Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB)

Overview: Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Legislative Law is an integrated academic program of two-degree courses that widens the career scope of students. The students wanting to pursue law can take admission in this course just after completing their class 12th examination. It integrates Arts and Law subjects such as economics, history, political science, sociology, civil law, criminal law, corporate law, tax law, labour law, administrative law, patent law, etc. The course curriculum is designed to impart theoretical knowledge and practical training via moot courts, MUN, internship programs, and client counselling. This academic program covers more law subjects in five years as compared to plain LLB that’s why it has an edge over LLB courses. 

Bachelor of Legislative Law (LLB)

Overview: LLB or Bachelor of Legislative Law course is often treated as an undergraduate course although this is the wrong idea. This degree course can be pursued only after completing graduation in any stream to study law. The course curriculum is designed to ascertain good legal skills set through moot courts, internship programs, MUN and client counselling along with thorough knowledge of law subjects using traditional teaching practices. The students learn fundamental concepts of law and get a good exposure of court proceedings and legal practices. Some of the most important subjects of the LLB degree course are contracts, legal procedures, code of civil procedures, political science, litigation advocacy, jurisprudence, etc.  

Masters of Legislative Law (LLM)

Overview: LLM or Master of Law is a post-graduation course. This degree course provides specialization in core subjects of law. Students can pursue this specialized degree course after completing their graduation in law. LLM curriculum provides in-depth knowledge of the elective subject through intensive research work, the educational websites students use research methodology and write a thesis on original and creative research work in their final semester. The basic specialization subjects of LLM are commercial law, civil law, tax law, criminal law, business acquisition law, business law, international law, family law, patent law, consumer law, cyber law, constitutional law, entertainment and media law, intellectual property law, real estate law, telecommunication law and healthcare law.

Career Prospects: 

Students can be assured that they would have multiple opportunities after graduation. Some of these include:

  • Criminal law
  • Legal analysis
  • Legal journalism
  • Civil litigation
  • Government law

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