Important things that you need to do before you start your Ethical Hacking Career

ethical hacking career

In the past few years, there has been an increase in hacking attempts made on popular networks and systems. These attacks have become very advanced and also detectable. The attacks also lead to heavy losses for several organizations and businesses.

For the organizations and businesses, one of the best ways to stop these cyber attacks is to hire an ethical hacker. An ethical hacker has been ever in demand and more so in recent times, hiring of an ethical hacker to prevent cyber-attacks has increased. But what does one do before he or she becomes an ethical hacker?

Kernel Training provides CEH Training in Hyderabad with the help of real-time work experienced trainers enabling the best career to learners. The training classes are designed to provide a better understanding and learning of hacking techniques and tools in protecting the systems and networks from the intruders.

Here are a few things one has to do before he becomes a professional ethical hacker.

Try to assess your skills and academics

As every company has its own necessities, there are no single criteria for becoming a hacker. But it would be good if you have a degree in Information Technology, Computer science, Mathematics so that it will help you establish the foundation for your ethical hacking profession. Apart from this, it will be of great advantage if you possess certain aptitudes like great critical thinking, a good capacity to deal with pressure and work under pressure and also be sharp in details about IT terms.

Get a good knowledge of different types of Hacking

Although hacking is a very controversial term, there are different kinds of hackers for different purposes – Black Hat, White Hat, and Gray Hat. The White Hats use their innate hacking abilities for ethical hacking; the Black hats use their experience in hacking for illegal activities.

As all the hackers serve different intentions, the companies try to make use of all of them. But it is always better that your concentration should be on becoming a penetration tester. This is so, as more ethical hackers are there for this activity. A penetration tester finds out the vulnerabilities in an application to shield it from outside assaults. This is just to inform the organization of the faults in the system.

Learn the basics

The first thing you have to do is to learn the basics of computer and also the programming languages even if you are not an IT professional. It is quite important for you to learn programming languages as it will enable you to build tools that will stop the potential cyber-attacks on a network of the system. You can learn programming languages like C, C++ Linux, Java and others. The major advantage of learning these programming languages is that it will help you find the programming flaws that can lead to an attack.

Apart from the programming languages, there is also a need for you to learn and understand the basic concepts of operating system and also how it works. This is helpful for you to find the various loopholes that can be present in the operating system that the company is using.

Know more about networking

Networks are an important part of the internet. And that is the reason, why most of the hackers’attacks on the networks.They try to get total control of the network and the components, including IoT devices, computers, etc. That is why is it is very important for you to learn and understand networks and the way it works. There is also a need for you to also understand the components of a network and that would include ports, IP address, routers, subnet mask and also protocol.

Get Certified

Although self-study or self-learning might teach you a lot about ethical hacking, it really pays if get yourself the CEH or the certification in Ethical hacking. It helps you establish and also learn the minimum standards for professional information for security specialists in ethical hacking measures. The certification provides you the authenticity to enterprises that there are individuals who meet or exceed the minimum standards in ethical hacking.

There are many ethical hacking training courses that you can choose to begin your career as an ethical hacker. Apart from teaching the latest tools and techniques that come in use by hackers, the practical projects and labs also teach you the real-life implementation of ethical hacking.

If you are interested in making your career in ethical hacking in cybersecurity, there are several institutes, especially in Hyderabad. Kernel Training one of the best CEH Training In Hyderabad with its intellectual and experienced trainers is into providing the utmost data and assistance to cope with the practical abilities of ethical hacking to its fullest.

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