Essentials For Your Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

hybrid electric vehicle

People have been driving petrol and diesel-fed internal combustion cars. So, they have learned a lot about how to handle unanticipated situations by having essential backups. For example, a flat battery stored in the boot or a small can be filled with fuel for those emergencies everyone experiences more than once. Electronic Vehicles are the new additions and we are still finding ways to circumvent troubles. 

Portable charger

Several new EVs have a standard charger but the imported and pre-owned electric cars may not include chargers because they are lost or the wall socket may be different than what is necessary. 

Essentials needed for PHEVs


An extra charging cable in your electric car can make a difference between getting charged and being stranded. There are generally two types of charger Type 1 & 2. There are even charging stations that offer just sockets and the EV owners need to bring-in-their cable to connect. 

For a robust EV charging cable Australia, you can visit Jucer as you will need a spare one to carry in the car for emergency charging on the road. The majority of EV charging capabilities differ. The single-phase AC charging cable of level 1 offers a slow charging time. Nevertheless, single and three-phase type 2 cable is available. The latter cables are designed to charge at speed.

For harnessing solar power, you will need to get a solar charger that directly connects to the solar batteries. 


There are different connectors for distinct EV models, so your choice can mismatch. Fortunately, you can find an adaptor to resolve the situation. The popular one is the type 1 to type-2 connector. When customers upgrade their existing EV to type-2 or if a person has 2 EVs and desires to simplify charging solution without the need to pay extra on new cables then they can opt for the type-1 to the type-2 adapter. 

EV stickers

EVs are recognizable but stick a sticker to show your pride in owning an electric car. You can get a sticker that says ‘make electricity affordable’ or ‘go green’. This can be your subtle participation and inspiration towards going green.

Electric car blanket

The corded electric blankets can be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter socket. Thus the blanket is kept warm for cold days, which in turn keeps you and the leather seats warm.

Weather-proof mats

Different sizes and colors are available. They work with every kind of car model. Weather-all floor mats protect the car flooring. 

Electric car tires

Having tires in a petrol car was the norm but even an EV needs extra tire investment. EV tires are designed well to deal with instant torque but need to enhance their batteries. Buy extra tires and take care via often realignment. Regular check air pressure, so that your EV drive is smooth. 

Tool kit

You need a wrench, screwdriver, and other basic tools in the EV at all times. It is a proactive way to stay prepared for emergencies. 

There are multiple car accessories like car wipes, car freshness, and window cleaner. The more you take care of your EV the longer it lasts and performs well!