Essential Prerequisites to Know Before Roof Replacement in Livonia MI.

roof replacement in Livonia

Many roofing companies offer roof replacement services. Here are some essential prerequisites to know before roof replacement in Livonia, MI. Knowing this will help you understand what goes on during the process and ease any anxiety you may have about your roofing process.

Essentials that you need to know before your roof replacement

Delivery of the roofing materials

All materials used during the roof replacement will have to be delivered to your home before or on the morning of the scheduled roof replacements. The materials delivered would depend on the type of roofing and the size of your roof. If they are delivered the day before, ensure that they are kept in a dry area away from any moisture and close to the roof access point.

roof replacement in Livonia

Protecting your property

Your contractor is expected to set up protection for your properties. This is important and done to prevent falling debris from causing any damage to your properties. Protective coverings such as tarps will be laid. Be sure that your cars are packed out of the range of any falling debris. Your shrubbery and landscaping will be adequately protected as well.

Tearing off the old roof

The old roof will be torn off gradually in sections. It is usual for the contractors to start with the furthest corner of the roof away from the driveway. They work their way towards the new material. After a session is turned off, some of the workers will begin the installation process of the new roof while the other team members continue to tear off the old roof. The purpose is to make the installation process as fast as possible. 

Clearing the gutters

The gutters will be cleaned up as well. Usually, debris from the pulling off of the old roof, leaves, and other possible blockages will accumulate in the gutters. To handle the situation, the workers will clear out any debris accumulated in the gutters. This is an essential prerequisite to know before roof replacement in Livonia, Michigan.  

Installation of the new roof

After the old roof has been torn off and the gutters have been cleaned out, this is the time when the roofing contractors begin to install your new roof. They do this systematically, sections by sections. A contractor installing the roof will ensure all the vents necessary for the ventilation system are maintained.

Clean up

The next step is the cleanup process. The contractor will blow off the roof to remove all leftover debris. They will also blow out the gutters and downspouts. Then, they collect their tools and clean up everything on the ground. Your contractor will take steps to ensure that they do not leave any stray nails on the property by going over the areas with a strong magnetic tool. 


As long as your roofing materials are good quality and the job is done well, your roofing will last longer. A good contractor inspects the finished work to ascertain that the quality of the job is well done. They check for any leakage, especially around penetrations, Chimneys, skylights, etc. You must make sure that you engage a professional roofing company that follows all local codes appropriately before you embark for your roof replacement in Livonia, Michigan.

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