Toys and games play an important role in a child’s physical and mental growth. You want to provide your child with stimulating toys that will not only keep him entertained but also make him learn. Like physical games, mental exercise is just equally important for your child’s overall development. What can be a better solution to your child’s needs for physical and mental indulgence than building things? And what can be a better option for a building game than Legos?

Lego stars wars moc

Lego sets are not only fun to build, but they also indulge your child’s mind and creativity in more than one way. Your kid learns the importance of order and establishment. He or she also feels a sense of accomplishment once they get done with it.

My Own Creation

Other than the company made established and complete Lego sets, there is something called my own creation, moc for short, in the Lego world. These are basically just custom-made sets by Lego fans and users. For instance, while there are certain company made sets for Star Wars fictional universe, the children can also use their pieces to make their own sets and creations. These would be called Lego stars wars moc and can be made using individual bricks and accessory pieces from the sets.

Creating their own sets and designs is a perfect way to boost a child’s creativity. It has multiple cognitive benefits for a child.

  • Improves a child’s thinking ability.
  • Encourages them to do things themselves rather than ask for help.
  • Improves confidence and decision-making prowess.

While making their own creations, kids can mix and match different bricks and pieces and mini figures and accessories in different arrangements. They can use the Lego set pieces to create their own favourite scenes from their favourite fictional universes. For example, in the case of Lego stars wars moc, they can use their set pieces to make something of their own aside from the company made sets. They can arrange bricks and pieces in a different order and put figures and accessories in different spots to create various fascinating moments from the Star Wars universe.

Game of Bricks Lego Light Kits

Game of Bricks has the perfect light kits for any of your Lego sets. You will not only find light kits for the official company made Lego sets, but Game of Bricks also takes cares of your lighting needs for your own creations. There are a number of Lego sets released from the Star Wars universe, and Game of Bricks has appropriate lighting kits for all of those. But in case you need some lighting parts for your Lego stars wars moc, you don’t need to worry because you will find them in here too.

Game of Bricks has individual pieces from light kits for your custom-made creations that you can buy separately. These include different types of LED lights in the forms of strip or bits or bricks lights. These also include effect boards, expansion boards and connecting cables that can be bought individually based on your need. USB ports and batteries can also be found.

You can make Lego playtime infinitely more entertaining for your child by getting these lighting kits for sets and their custom creations.

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