Epson printer printing blank pages

Epson printer printing blank page

Epson is one of the better printing companies available today. There are not only a wide range of options to choose from in this printer company, but also that the devices are very well equipped. They come loaded with features which make them highly sought after as well.

However, in the process of using these printers, one can always encounter problems like the printer printing blank pages. Epson printer printing blank page This could happen due to a number of reasons. A list has been given for your perusal below. Have a look at this article and try to implement the options given below. After which you can move on to trying to fix the issue yourself.

Epson printer printing blank page

Should this not solve the problem either, then go to the customer care option provided by Epson printer. This will give you a range of options and access to a professional as well. It will easily help you remedy your concerns in a simpler manner. Make sure you however for starters, adhere to this article.

Reboot and set printer to default

One of the first things to do when printing blank pages is ensure that you start out by first rebooting your device. Unplug everything and then connect it from scratch again. You might have to set up the printer router properly as well.

This could be by disconnecting it entirely, and then setting up the device from scratch. Make sure you also amply refer to the printer manual in case the other setup process is not able to help you with it.

Another thing which you can do is make sure you go to the printer settings and set the device to a default from there. This would enable you to clear the printing jobs and other things. And thus remove problems like the Epson printer printing blank pages as well. It would make it simpler to use as well.

Check printer hardware

Another essential part of this is checking whether the printer hardware is functioning properly. This would entail anything from ensuring the external setup is put together properly, or even that the device has been attached. The peripheral parts like printing tray put in, other things like whether there is enough printing paper in the device etc. needs to be done as well.

Ensure that the printer has enough ink in the cartridge to function properly. The overall working of the device cannot be hampered owing to the printer not having ink. This is also something which prevents it from printing properly.

A lot of times if the printing paper is not the correct size, even then the Epson printer could either not print at all, or print blank pages.

Other basics

More important things to keep in mind is the fact that a lot of times, the placing of the printer has a bearing on how the printer is used. Which means that the device needs to be placed in a position from where it is able to be used properly. Place it in a clean and dry spot, which is away from the sun as well as dust. This would contribute to it staying in a good working condition for a really long time as well.

Make sure that you occasionally also clean the printer in a proper manner. This would mean cleaning out the printer ducts and reattaching them too. Ensure that you have placed it properly because a lot of times the way that the ink responds to the printer has a lot to do with its placement.

Sometimes if placed in heat or direct sunlight for a long time, then the ink within the printer dries up fast as well. This is a problem which could lead to the Epson printer printing blank pages as well. So also check whether the printer has enough ink within it and that it is not dry and working properly, else ensure that you replace it.

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