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We all remember our firsts—and if you’re new to the world of makeup, that includes the first time you tentatively applied foundation while wondering if it was in fact your skin’s ideal shade match or if you should ditch the brush and go for a beauty sponge instead. The reality is that, while trying on makeup for the first time can surely be exciting, searching for the correct makeup products may also be a dare.

With so many brands and formulas to select from, it’s fairly easy for someone who’s a beauty novice to get overwhelmed. So to help get you started, we enlisted the expert advice of Jessica Kendall—a hairstylist, makeup artist, and owner of Beauty Asylum—to give us the dos, don’ts, how’s, and whys in our guide to the ultimate makeup essentials for beginners.


Primers are often overlooked, especially by makeup novices, but they are an essential component of any makeup kit. Think of it as Photoshop for your skin. It smoothes out your complexion by packing in big pores, lines, and another blur, leaving you with a perfect and even base to make sure your makeup application is a breeze.


When it comes to foundation, there are 2 things that are total musts: finding the right shade for your skin tone and avoiding the dreaded “cakey” look. You may need to try out several products before finding the right colour for your skin tone, so research is essential. Luckily, plenty of brands today carry a wide range of shades that complement all skin tones. Last, Kendall recommends applying foundation using a beauty sponge. It absorbs the product, allowing you to slowly add the perfect amount of foundation.


Once you’ve primed and perfected your canvas, it’s time to add drama and dimension. “A great bronzer makes my top 5 of must-have products,” Kendall tells us, adding that it’s necessary to add a touch of colour to a washed-out complexion. How to do so without going overboard Kendall recommends applying a small amount of bronzer to the hairline, cheekbones, and neck for an instant boost.


“Concealer is a must-have staple in your beauty routine,” says Kendall, and we couldn’t agree more! It’s a multifaceted product that not only hides discoloration, fine lines, age spots, and other blemishes around your eyes, but it may also serve as the basis for your eye shade or lipstick and even as a contouring product.

“The two main differences we want to look for when buying concealer are face concealer and eye concealer,” Kendall explains.”Typically, we desire a hydrating concealer to go down the eye and soften the look of any fine lines. “Concealer for the face tends to be much more dense and drying, and this is ideal for covering up that pesky blemish or discoloration.”

Neutral eye shadow palette

No makeup kit is ever finished without a neutral eye shadow palette that can take your look from day to night. Taupe’s, bronzes, browns, and cream-colored shadows are not only great for all eye colours and skin tones, but also for creating natural, barely-there daytime looks and nighttime makeup that’s both fine and glam.


If you’re struggling to build completely lined eyes, trust that you’re not lonely. Because applying eyeliner is arguably the most difficult step to master, many people give up. But hear us out. Eyeliner can immediately add sultriness and glam to your look, simply transforming it from day to night. For beginners, pencil eyeliner is often good because it’s less fussy and gives you more control.

Start by applying the colour in the centre of the eye and softly dotting the pencil into the lash, slowly working your way to the outer part of the eye. Connecting the dots is a simple way to build a more natural look.


A lot of beauty connoisseurs would tell you that mascara is the most important part of makeup, and for good reason. Mascara adds thickness, duration, and volume to your lashes, which immediately open and frame your eyes. The good part? It requires very little effort. Take your freshly dipped mascara wand and embed one to two coats before you finish your look. For beginners, a full makeup routine is required; it is the quickest way to have a put-together look on a daily basis.

Blow powder

“Any beginner can begin filling in their brows using brow gel or powder shadows,” says Kendall. But if you’ve tried marathoner beauty gurus’ bold-brow routines only to make them look, well, not like theirs, Kendall recommends powder. “Powder tends to be forgiving when you first start off.” “Look for a more fat brush to apply the product so it doesn’t apply too much product at once.”

A nude and bold lip colour

Lipsticks can dramatically change your look with just a few swipes, so it at least makes sense to have go-to neutral and bold colours that suit any occasion effortlessly. “The ideal neutral and a pop of colour are two lip colours that all girls should have in their purses,” Kendall says, recommending that beginners try a formula with a lot of hydration because it’s forgiving.

Setting spray

After that entire attempt at putting together the ideal look, the last thing you desire is for your makeup to start slipping off before your workday has even begun. Enter the setting spray. As the final step in your beauty routine, some sprays can hold your makeup in place so you don’t have to worry about it fading, flaking, or smudging. And like another makeup product, setting sprays also provide plenty of options to select from. If you tend to have dry skin, select one that adds a layer of hydration or a dewy finish. For daily use, a setting spray with a dose of SPF is always a good idea.

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