Ways To Get Rid Of Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many people will face this problem of Wisdom teeth. In some cases, the Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal may happen. Nowadays people are facing this problem at an early age. The wisdom teeth will quickly come up with an angle with the nearby teeth. The teeth will not freak out from the gums, it emerges partially. These types of molars that are exposed partially will have space to store the bacteria and food to get trapped. All these situations will cause the problem of wisdom teeth. Removal of the teeth is considered the only solution to get rid of the pain. More than curing, removal will bury the problem because curing will not give permanent relief to you. So, visit the dentist frequently to avoid the issues in the early stage.

Causes of the Wisdom Teeth:

Wisdom teeth problems might affect every adult tooth. They will always freak out at an awkward angle. Generally, the people at the ages of 17 to 21, will get their teeth pushed through the gums. The tooth pushing process through the gums will be painful. As the adult tooth will be developed already, the wisdom teeth cannot find space in a person’s mouth. This absence of space will make the wisdom teeth emerge out at an improper angle or it may get stuck without coming out fully. In this stage, your wisdom teeth will become impacted. It may:

  1. Trap the food and bacteria
  2. Cause gum disease
  3. Infections
  4. Cysts
  5. Abscesses

Remedies to control Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Rinse with salt water:

It is considered as a popular remedy which every elder in your house will advise. That warm salt water can kill the bacteria and make your mouth clear.


These peppermint leaves contain effective oils, which can reduce your pain and inflammation. You can intake peppermint with tea, it can cool down your pain.

Clove Oil:

Clove oil is recognized as an analgesic and tooth pain reliever. You can also boil the cloves and massage the painful gum with the water. 


Brandy, whiskey, and bourbon are also considered as a pain reliever because it has a numbing quality in it. Rub the liquor strongly on the wisdom teeth so that you can be free from discomfort.


This menthol is also an analgesic naturally. It will provide a cool sensation to your skin.

Aloe vera:

This is also used to reduce pain and inflammation in the painful area as it is nontoxic. But it can only relieve your pain temporarily.

Tea Tree Oil:

This oil is proved as an antibacterial agent that makes your mouth free from bacteria. Rinse well and spit it out quickly when the treatment is over.


It is a natural remedy to cure stomach and tooth pain and has tremendous potential.

Smashed Garlic and Ginger:

Garlic is an effective pathogen killer that affects your gum lines. The combination of both garlic and ginger carries many advantages to your teeth.


Aspirin is normally used to cure headaches, but it can also relieve you from teeth pain. But you must not use the aspirin continuously as pain relievers.

 Removal of Wisdom Tooth:

You should fix an appointment with a dental surgeon and remove the wisdom tooth wisely. The wisdom tooth will also affect all the nearby teeth in a stage. The dentist will cut a smaller area around the wisdom teeth before the process of removal. The procedure will be over in a short time but in some cases, it may take 20 minutes and more. You will feel the sore time normally but a slight pain may remain and will take 2 weeks to recover fully.

Bottom lines:

Visit our wisdom teeth dentist and step out from the painful world. We can make you feel comfortable with our service also if it is an Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal. Visiting the dental surgeons for regular checkups will find all the issues earlier and clear them earliest.

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