Eligible candidates for S Pass Singapore

Eligible candidates

Singapore is a good country to go to if you are looking for a job or ways to further your career. Aside from its stable economy and numerous opportunities, Singapore is also a safe place to work in. Many get discouraged from working in Singapore because of the high cost of living. However, the country has a lot of economical living options from housing to necessities. Thus, you should consider getting an S Pass Singapore visa to be able to work there.

The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore is issuing many types of work visas. There are the employment pass or E Pass and work permits for specific sectors. Each of these work permits has eligibility requirements that need to be followed accordingly. One of the most common employment permits is the S Pass work permit. It is one of the employment visas that have relatively fewer restrictions. In this article, we will cover who are the eligible candidates for the S Pass Singapore visa. 

Mid-skilled foreign employees

The S Pass work permit applies to mid-skilled foreign workers. A middle-level skilled employee usually has a basic level of knowledge and experience. They go under basic training to complete some specific tasks successfully. This implies that this type of worker doesn’t need to have a specialization. However, they have more intricate skills compared to those who are considered as low skilled workers. 

An example of a mid-skilled employee that is eligible for an S Pass Singapore visa is a customer service representative. Another few more examples are delivery drivers, entry-level administrative assistants, and technicians. People with these middle-leveled skills can only work in Singapore through an S Pass work permit application.

Employees with a fixed monthly salary of at least S$2,500

To be qualified for an S Pass Singapore permit, you need to have a fixed monthly salary of at least S$2,500. Let’s take Mimi as an example. Mimi has been working as an administrative assistant for a year now. Her monthly salary in this job is too low so she decided to look for job opportunities abroad. She was able to find an administrative assistant job post in Singapore. She was qualified for the job but, her monthly salary will only be S$2,000. Therefore, she will not be eligible for an S Pass Work Permit. 

Another scenario is with Sutan from Indonesia. Sutan has been working as a retail salesperson for almost 10 years. He happens to find a job post online from a mall in Singapore looking for a retail salesperson. He will be given a salary of S$2,500 per month. Unfortunately, if he gets the job, he won’t be eligible for the S Pass Singapore visa. That is because he has more experience in being a retail salesperson. In the S Pass Work Permit application, the older and more experienced the applicant is, the higher is their minimum salary requirement. Thus, if you plan to work in Singapore, you need to take note of the salary the Singaporean employer is offering.

Workers that have a degree or certificate

S Pass Singapore candidates should have at least completed high school with some college credits to be able to qualify to work in Singapore. Those who took technical or vocational courses can also apply. They only need to make sure that the technical course they took is related to the job that they are applying for in Singapore. In addition, these vocational course certificates should indicate that the student was able to complete at least a year of full-time studying. Otherwise, these certificates will not be considered for the S Pass Work Permit.

Employees with relevant work experience

Relevant work experience is important to get an S Pass Singapore visa. Take Emma as an example. Emma finished an associate degree in culinary arts. However, after graduating, she began to work in a telecommunication company as a call center agent. She spent five years working there. Then, she found an online job post from a 5-star restaurant in Singapore looking for cooks who took formal education in culinary arts. Emma was qualified for the job however she wasn’t eligible for an S Pass Work Permit. That is because she doesn’t have the relevant work experience in the culinary industry. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have sufficient and related job experience when you apply for the S Pass Singapore permit.

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