Eggs and Bodybuilding 


Egg is a universal source of protein that gathers a lot of advantages. For the athletes, the protein intake plays a great role in their eating habits of every day. Here are some essential points that should to be naturally pointed out as far as the egg consumption and the bodybuilding is concerned. 

The importance of eggs for the body 

As a super food, egg is important for the body. Due to its various nutritional benefits, it is a famous source of protein. It is also an important food that can provide the body the eight amino acids vital for the growth and the good health. 

As the body is unable to create itself the amino acids gathered within the egg, they are called essentials. Among the essential amino acids seen in the egg, we can enumerate the choline, the selenium and vitamin D also. 

Apart from these, egg is also rich in cholesterol, especially the yolk. Useful for the functioning of the body, the cholesterol within the egg is categorized among the good cholesterol that does not impact on the increase blood cholesterol. 

The importance of eggs for athletes

The athlete daily needs good and enough source of protein. The main reason is that the egg plays a great role in the development of the muscle mass, which is very important in that specific discipline. 

After, the amino acids seen within the egg interrupts muscular fatigue. If the egg is incorporated within the meal habit of the athlete, he can prevent muscles wasting and can keep them always healthy.

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Compared to other proteins, those that are present within the egg remain easier to assimilate. In consuming the choline, the body produces acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine. This first intervenes in the muscle function. And this last is actor in the making of cell membranes. 

As far as the cholesterol is concerned, it plays a role in the hormone’s balance and manufacture and helps constructing the cell membrane. 

The importance of eggs for bodybuilders

Apart from all the advantages listed below, regularly eating egg brings many other benefits for the bodybuilder. First, the cholesterol within it is important for the recovery after all the training. The fact is that good lipid has the power to restore the injured cells during the training. Along with vitamin D, this nutrient is also a testosterone producer. 

But as the bodybuilder is a sportsmen and an athlete, he should limit its yolk consumption. If you find your mates consuming up to 15 eggs a day, notice that all excess is bad for your health in general. In fact, overconsumption may bring in bad cholesterol to your body. 

And everyone knows that having a high amount of bad cholesterol within the blood will help the calories rise and will bring in different diseases. Two to three yolks a day are enough to meet your daily protein needs. And the daily consumption recommended amount of egg for the bodybuilder is fixed at 2 to 2,5 g per kilo of body weight to progress. 

Besides, it is to be known that the selenium that is present within the egg plays a role of support of the immune system. It is especially its antioxidant power that helps it handle this huge responsibility. So, if you want to build or to maintain your muscles, don’t forget the egg and its nutrients. 

While choosing your eggs, make sure to invest on safe products such as Igreca eggs in order to always consume a healthy product. Its importance mainly dwells in its safety, not on the fact that it is fresh or powdered.