Effective Solutions to Furnace and AC Not Turning On Issues

ac not turning on issues

When there is a tripped limit switch or power supply issue your AC or furnace won’t turn on. Before you begin to struggle with discomfort in your home’s temperature, here are effective solutions to the furnace and AC not turning on. It should be noted that safety switches tend to turn off the system once a malfunction is detected. You may have to reset the safety switches manually before the system can come on again. Here are other things you need to know about turning on issues with your units.

Simple Solutions to Furnace and AC Not Turning On

Here are some easy solutions to HVAC systems not turning on. However, you may need to invite your HVAC technician if the issue gets complicated. 

Thermostat Issues 

The thermostat is the first thing to check when you encounter turning on issues. Is the digital display difficult to read? This could indicate that the thermostat needs a new set of batteries. Some brands of models flip up to show batteries. Others are pulled away from the wall and turned over. 

Also, confirm that the thermostat is correctly set. Note, if the indoor air temperature is warmer, the thermostat’s furnace won’t turn on. On the other hand, if the indoor air is cooler than the thermostat temperature, the AC won’t turn on. Lastly, check that the thermostat mode is set right, and there is no program overriding the settings.

Power Supply Malfunction

Another aspect to check is the fuse box or breaker. See that no breakers have tripped or fuse blown. If the system keeps tripping off even when you make a reset, it indicates a high amount of power is running directly to the furnace or AC. In this situation, put the breaker off and invite your HVAC technician around you. Do not attempt to reset the breaker continuously. It may lead to an electrical fire.

An HVAC technician knows what to do best. There is a power switch installed close to the furnace. It allows HVAC repairers to safely shut off electrical current running to the system. It is similar to the regular light switch, and the switch is always in the “up” position.

When to Invite Your Local HVAC Technician 

Since you are not an HVAC expert, certain issues would require you to invite your HVAC technician. In an HVAC system, there are several switches to evaluate. This is so complicated for a non-HVAC person. Only an HVAC technician can confirm that all the safety switches are in their perfect setting and can carry out further diagnostics to know where the error may have occurred.


However, if you detect the problem of why your furnace and AC are not turning on, you may still need to invite your technician for safety purposes. Furnace and AC could be dangerous for your family when they do not work properly. Lastly, always ensure a warranty on all parts of your HVAC system and the workmanship. Do not panic whenever there is an emergency electrical fire. Get yourself and your family to safety, then call your technician.

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