Educational Apps Worth Your Kid’s Attention

Educational Apps for kids

Every parent wants his child to have only top baby products, and it concerns everything, mobile games are no exception. Today, more than 75% of all apps are childish. Many of them fall into the category of “training.” It means that their creators promise not only to entertain the small user but also to help him discover the world. Can a little man running away from an angry guard on a train help a child learn more about the railway? Maybe it’s a matter of skill: to help a little man escape from persecution and the child should quickly press the necessary keys. Is this enough for games to become learning apps for kids?

A team of researchers at Northwestern University has analyzed a vast number of applications using data from psychology, linguistics, computer technology, neuroimaging, and neurobiology. As a result, scientists were able to determine the criteria that the app must meet to be called “teaching” or “developing.”

  • Active involvement: the application should be designed to complete the game tasks, the child needs to strain his mind, and not just poke his finger in the right place on time.
  • Concentration: Avoid applications with too many distractions (sounds, details); the child should focus on game tasks.
  • Meaningfulness: the game should be related to the kid’s life, to his daily activities, and encourage him to turn to the experience he already has.
  • Social interaction: the game should encourage the child to interact with others, teach him how to communicate, and not replace this communication with the gadget.

We offer you the 10 best educational websites your child will love. Let’s take a closer look.

Puzzle Shapes 

This game is virtual puzzles and cubes: collect objects and animals from different blocks – geometric shapes, two- or three-dimensional, depending on complexity. Children learn to distinguish between increasingly complex forms, colors, and learn to count from level to level.


The application contains more than 60 games for brain training, and it is one of the best reading apps for kids. Every day, the child receives a selection of exercises designed for 20 minutes. And after classes, the player and his parents can see the report on success and progress.


Kids Doodle is one of the trendiest drawing apps. The set for drawing includes 24 brushes with shiny and bright effects from neon glow to curly strokes with an image of gouache or pastel. The completed drawing can be saved in the Smartphone’s memory, as well as set animation for it.

My story

Children are so fond of writing and telling stories – and with this mobile app, they can not only come up with a plot but (with your help) make their picture book and even record an audio version. You can offer your child to arrange a family performance or make an unusual birthday present for your beloved grandmother.

My incredible body

What does our body consist of? Why is this or that organ needed, and what invisible processes take place in the body? The advantage of the program is realistic images of muscles, skeleton, nerves, and blood vessels. Parenting tips are especially important here.

Cut the rope

The cartoon monster Yum Yum loves sweets. The whole game is built on this: feed the hero, however, it is not so simple. The child needs to cut the ropes for which the candy is tied, and observe how gravity acts, in which direction the sweet will fly off or swing. Complicating the passage of the level are the bubbles that can pick up the candy and take it up – then you have to start again.

The logic and laws of physics in the game are not presented boringly and formally but are explained in practice. The creators of the game labeled it 0+, and even the kindergarteners can cope with the very first levels. But then it can be difficult for younger students.


The rules of the game are as simple as possible: connect all the points with one continuous line. A child of 3-4 years will cope with the first levels, but gradually the task becomes more complicated: there are more and more points, and the pattern is more and more intricate. The game trains spatial thinking and allows you to pass the same level repeatedly until you find the right solution.

Line puzzle

The task of the player in Line Puzzle is to repeat the pattern according to the design. To do this, stretch the rope and fix it at specific points. The main difficulty is that at some points, the string is already attached initially, and it will not work to move it. It can confuse the baby.

The first levels are elementary and perfect, even for three-year education. But the further, the more difficult – the latter will be of interest to adults.

Star walk kids

It is a children’s version of the Star Walk Sky Map Study App. If you give the application access to geolocation, it will show the constellations in the night sky and talk about them.

Also, the child can playfully study the Universe structure and find the Hubble telescope and the International Space Station in the sky. It is a complete encyclopedia about space, which will answer all questions of children.


The game, which is vaguely reminiscent of tag, was created by 19-year-old Italian Gabriele Cirulli in the JavaScript programming language and posted in the public domain. Therefore, there are dozens of options that differ in graphics, but with the same rules.

Two deuces appear on a square field. They can be moved in all directions. Identical numbers are summed, so deuces eventually turn into fours, and fours become eights. The player’s task is to get a total of 2048. The child trains the skill of addition and learns to build a strategy for the game, to count a few steps forward – as in chess, only more accessible.


Now there are more than 400 thousand different applications among which each user will find something interesting, even if this user is only a few years old.

Any tablet owner who has children is well aware that the appearance of a family gadget immediately attracts the attention of a child. As a result, it becomes one of the kid’s favorite toys.

But the device can be not only a high-tech toy but also a pretty good educational tool for a child who is just starting to learn the world. In this article, we examined the 10 most useful children’s educational apps that will undoubtedly help in the development of your child. 

We hope you enjoyed our selection. Have you tried any of these applications? What is your child’s favorite?

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