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This article is specifically dedicated to aspiring writers, but seasonal ones can also benefit from it. People who are done with their first draft and are about to start the crucial revisions should follow this article. It is simple to go for editing when you are in the trenches of the writing method. 

Reaching that phase shows that the seed you sowed earlier has borne fruit with the final manuscript. 

There is nothing better than putting the last period on your concluding sentence. It can make your belly go frosty with fear of editing, but it is like taking a victory lap. We know that editing a book requires a super amount of stamina and scrutiny for acquiring a fresh perspective of your words. You can take a break – a month-long one – and come back to see it from a new angle. We will apprise our readers with a few editing tricks that will make the process easy and fun. 

  1. An Audiobook is a Blessing in Disguise

It is a nice idea to record yourself when reading your book. You can play it and hit the pause button when you want to jot down notes. It is essential to read each line with sensitivity and showmanship and allow your voice to enhance your text’s emotional effect.

Have you come across a line that you innately stumble on or feel the rhythm is stale? Do you feel ashamed of reading a few parts because the emotions are overflowing? Do you think that the line you supposed to radiate wisdom is making you laugh? There are many more examples, and you should note down these indicators and revisit your book for satisfying editing.  

It is a time-consuming method and works best with shorter texts. You can use it for bigger books but by targeting them chapter-wise-chapter or scene-wise-scene. If there is someone you trust and think could help you in the editing process, you can send them the draft for a second opinion. We would advise using Kraft mailer boxes to keep your book safe from all the pressure and other tampering factors during transportation. It is a safe and robust material for such fragile items.

  1. Divide & Conquer the Characters 

Suppose you have created an epic that features multiple important characters, with each person having their story arc. It could be troublesome going through this sheer bulk and tangle you – even when you are the writer. It is a real deal to make each character transparent and emotionally pleasing.   

You should divide your manuscript and read each character’s arc separately, like a novella. You can take all the scenes of the first character and paste them into a new document for characterization. It will help you reach a heartwarming conclusion for each character. 

  1. Start from the End

Every sentence may start to blur because you have written and read the book yourself. You must see that your mind automatically starts completing each line even before you do (that is only for companions). You will miss many typos this way. That is why you have to unfamiliarized yourself and read it as something new and refreshing. Reading backward will help to have a dynamic approach to your manuscript. However, please note that this technique will not be fruitful when you have to make developmental edits. 

Read sentence by sentence when making mechanical edits – texts like types and double-checking punctuation. You can also go paragraph by paragraph to refine the writing style. It will help you discern the sentences’ effect as they flow smoothly. 

  1. Rearrange Adverbs & Adjectives 

It is a very straightforward technique and works like a charm when used chapter by chapter or scene by scene. You have to remove all the modifiers – adverb and adjective – and read the entire book without them. When you feel the need for a modifier, then and only add them to attain a dimension of clarity and beauty. 

To sum up, you have put all your effort into writing this masterpiece, and do not let the stylistic excess and lack of editing rig it. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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