Easy Ways To Drape A Designer Saree!

Easy Ways To Drape A Designer Saree

A saree is frequently regarded as the perfect choice for any Indian ceremony that requires traditional attire. It is an Indian bride’s preferred choice, especially during wedding ceremonies. It modifies your personality, providing any bride with the ideally ethical (but beautiful!) style. It is graceful, elegant, and attractive.

If you’re wondering how to look unique while wearing a bridal silk saree or a stylish chiffon saree to your wedding reception, we’ve got some excellent ideas for you. A saree draped in the traditional method is lovely, but it’s not the only way to make a saree look nice on you.

The most timeless piece of apparel in Indian weddings, the saree, is also getting modern embellishments. All hail the inventive fashion designers and very brilliant fashion stylists who are presenting us to saree draping designs like never before. Experimenting with sarees has become the latest fashion, from Bollywood divas to actual brides and elegant bridesmaids. And we recently saw some of the nicest saree outfits, which we couldn’t help but share with you all.

Did you know there are numerous additional intriguing ways to drape your designer sarees? And right now, we’re going to show you wonderful and elegant methods to drape your wedding or party wear saree.

So, keep reading to learn about the fashionable, on-trend, and innovative saree draping ideas that will allow you to break away from the traditional look.

Pre-Stitched Gown

Pre-Stitched Gown

There are several pre-stitched sarees accessible in stores and online these days. The pleats are already sewed in place, so all you have to do is walk into them. A pre-stitched gown-style designer saree is the most recent form of saree attire and is ideal for a modern reception. It’s mainly netted or composed of fabrics like georgette, and it features a sleek silhouette with brooch or belt accents and a thin pallu for a fashionable appeal.

South Indian


Soon-to-be brides who wish to seem like a traditional South Indian bride frequently question how to drape a pattu saree or a Kanjivaram pure silk saree. Choose one with a mix of light/dark and gold tones and drape it like a standard Nivi style saree. To complete the traditional wedding costume, make very big pleats for the shoulders and add a golden waist belt or layered chain.

Dhoti / Nauvari Saree

Dhoti Nauvari Saree

This is an interesting technique to drape your pure silk saree. While the pallu is still worn over the shoulder, the lower part resembles a man’s dhoti. So, instead of the skirt/petticoat, you wear leggings or shorts underneath. For centuries, Maharashtrian women have worn their sarees in this style, and they have always looked magnificent. This style is also incredibly pleasant to wear.

Mermaid / Fish Style

Mermaid Fish Style

This modern way of draping a normal six-yard saree is both creative and elegant. To finish the effect, the lower pleats are fanned out and the pallu is brought from back to front and tucked in. As a result, the lower half resembles a mermaid’s tail, hence the name. This drape looks great with a chiffon or georgette saree.

Bengali Touch

bangali saree

The Bengali-style saree draping is beautiful and appealing, and it showcases a gorgeous border or zari work on a saree. You must place the pallu on your left shoulder and bring it forward, then towards your right shoulder. For added interest, add a beautiful tassel or key ring, then pull it under your arm and tuck it neatly on the right side of your hip.

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Butterfly Drape

Butterfly Drape saree

If you want to appear sleek and beautiful on your wedding day, this is the saree-wearing style for you. Begin by hanging it normally, but make the pallu pleats very thin and sleek. This highlights your toned waist while also giving you a sensual vibe. It is frequently seen on Bollywood celebrities and is an excellent saree draping design for a party.

The Lehenga


Yes, you can skip the pricey lehenga and instead drape a lovely saree in the lehenga saree style for the wedding. If you’re wondering how to wear a simple designer saree in lehenga style, simply make small pleats all around the saree, leaving part of the length to form the pallu. Bring one end of the pallu forward and tuck it in at the waist. You can also wear the pallu in front, like in the Gujarati drape.

Mumtaz / Retro

Mumtaz Retro saree style

Mumtaz popularised this famous style. This attractive drape has been popular among Indian women since the late 1960s. It entails tucking and draping the saree’s length many times in a tiered pattern. This is a beautiful wedding reception saree draping design for chiffon sarees with large borders or shimmering, sequined edges.

Accentuated With Accessories

Accentuated With Accessories

Want to try some trendy saree draping styles while yet seeming ethnic? To achieve a unique look, try adorning your wedding saree with uncommon jewellery or wearable patterns. Wear a show-stopping belt at the waist or a sheer cloak over your blouse for a fresh twist. You can also wear an embroidered blazer over your blouse for a unique look.

Seedha Pallu

Sidh pallu style

This design is ideal for heavy border sarees or ones with embellished pallus. You can avoid the tedious rear pallu by bringing the pallu from behind your right shoulder to the front of your body. Depending on the work you want to exhibit on the saree or blouse design, you can leave it open or make broad or thin pleats.

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Try New Age Silhouettes

New Age Silhouettes

Sarees have certainly gotten a huge twist, from pre-stitched multi-tiered designer sarees to those with ruffle features and asymmetrical hems, and it is about time that you give them a try.

The Double Pallu Style


This is one of the most exquisite and regal saree drapes. In the double pallu style, any designer saree with dual-tone patterns will look stunning. This style will look great not just on your wedding day, but also at your reception or cocktail/sangeet night. Show off your shape by cinching it at the waist with a Kamar bandh!

Banjaran Style


There are two varieties of Banjaran style. It can be the Western Dhoti style or one in which the Pallu is actually a shawl. The saree is tied in the shawl style in the same way as the classic style, but instead of resting on the left shoulder, the pallu rests on the right and is not finely pleated. The saree is knotted in the dhoti style, and the pallu is taken from the pleats at your hip and is free-flowing.


Now that you’ve seen how to wrap a designer saree in several styles, we’re sure you’ll want to try some of them out for yourself to see which one best suits your personality. How did you discover that? Choose a style that represents your own preferences and fits your level of comfort. Have a good time!