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If you are a movie buff, then no wonder the torrent is always at the top of your bookmark list. Torrent is the most authentic search and downloading medium. For almost 20 years, the torrents are just spreading their servers from all over the internet. 

The torrent has a wide variety of movies and entertainment files. You can easily access them without even paying for them.Torrent works process is based on peer to peer protocol. As a result, the torrent sites do not hold the original data. They only contain the address of data locations. 

Torrents are just proving the seed files to the users, and then you can download the seed file information from the torrents sites. For the past few years, the copywriting and pirating problems are arising by the numbers. 

Some of the torrent sites are shutting down. Now, the torrents are the best destination point for all the movie or video game searchers.

It has many advantages, like giving more data security.Torrent is not a centralized system, so the data security is better in it. 

 Whenever you want to download any movies or any type of video game, we all repeatedly face problems.


  • Torrents site is blocked.
  • The security dilemma.
  • The security issues of the sites
  • How to deal with copywriting issues?
  • How to activate your private internet access?

If you suffer from these problems, then the solution is here. The movies downloading with the torrents in an uninterrupted manner is just a gift.

7 Steps To Downloading The Movies And Video Games Using Torrents

As the torrent site is always suffering from copywriting problems, using VPN and the proxy is almost an essential part of the process.

Here we will discuss the seven popular easy methods for downloading movies and other entertainment videos by using Torrents.

1.Download Torrents

For the torrents downloading only, all you have to do is just write down the name of the torrents in your google search bar. The torrent installation can harm your pc as the malware can be found from the files.

If you search on the internet for the free and popular sites of torrents, you will get multiple options; if you want to download Torrents, then you must visit the u torrents site. 

2.Install The Torrents

The windows and mac have separate installation packages.

Only have to follow the very few steps for stalling the torrents in your PC

  • Open installation file.
  • Click Yes.
  • After that, select the next two times.
  • Agree with the terms.
  • Decline any additional software installation.
  • Select the finish option 

3.Choose The Torrents Options 

After finishing the installation process only, all you have to do is just open the shortcut options from your PC. The torrent window will popup in front of you.

  •  You only have to choose the torrents options.
  • Then just select The bandwidth. 
  • Then you have to click the encryption options from the type of the torrents. 
  • In the encryption options, you will get two options. One is encryption, and another one is forced.
  •  If you choose forced options, then the installation will just boost up, and it will work as the turbo starter.

4.Download With Torrents

The movie downloading with the torrents will become easier when you already install the torrent on your PC. If you choose the forced option, then the downloading speed will be hampered. 

  • Then you have to open the window of the torrent site. 
  • After completing the task choice of options, you only have to do is just choose the apply option and save the settings of the torrents. 
  • Then any time, you can start your downloading.

5.Analysis The Seed Counts

When we are talking about the seed counts, then the first thing we have to know is more seed count means faster downloading. You only have to do is just type in google about the popular torrent sites. If you have to analyze the seed counts, then first try to visit popular torrents websites. Like 13377x, The Pirate Bay, YTS.

6.The Popular Sites Of The Torrents

If you search on the internet about the popular sites of torrents, you will find multiple choice. Most of these sites are not safe. Almost 40% of the torrent sites are overloaded with copywriting problems. So if we talk about popular websites, then in the list, we will find 

  • TorLock 
  • EZTV 
  • 0123putlockers
  • Pirate Bay Etc

Among all torrent sites, the 0123putlockers and the Pirate Bay is the most popular site, which we are frequently using for downloading. 

7. Using The Proxies For Downloading

The torrents sites are fully corrupted with the copywriting issues. Every torrents site has some specific proxy to help in the download. For instance, you can take the 13377x unblock proxy. This is the proxy server of the torrent site 13377x. 

So if you want to hide your full identifications from the hackers, then the 13377x unblock is almost a necessary part to attach. The VPN is another option for hiding your IP address. If you want to save your network from hackers and outside interference, then an authentic VPN is the best option.


If you are frequently using torrent sites, then the proxy and the authorized VPN are essential two necessary things. The 13377x unblock one trusted proxy for the torrents sites. If you are in the place where your local servers are blocking the torrents sites. This proxy will unblock the mirrors, and you can access the torrent sites from your local area. You can download the movies easily from the torrents site.

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