Dressing your baby in summer

dressing baby

You would imagine it’d be easy to wear a newborn baby in the summer. After all, it’s when you’re wrapping a newborn infant in the winter that you run the risk of frostbite and freezing. What could possibly go wrong during the summer? Do they get tanned? Certainly not. If your newborn baby is not dressed properly for the season, it will have consequences. Days at the beach, summertime barbecues, family reunions, and midday brunches in the garden are all common summer events. It usually entails spending long, glorious days with your beloved friends, basking in the sun. Unfortunately, the unborn baby will get overheated, dehydrated, sunburned, and even cause sun damage if exposed to the sun for long durations without sufficient care. However, summers can be fun to play dress up with your kid and a great time for photo shoots. So dress them up in adorable organic baby rompers and get clicking. Here are a few tips for dressing up your baby in summer. 

  1. Onesies: Onesies are a baby’s best friend and is the universal clothing choice for all mums. They are equal parts adorable and comfortable which is one of the reasons most moms prefer onesies to any other piece of clothing. They are suitable for a day out or nap times. 
  2. Shorts: Baby shorts need to be lightweight, soft and preferably in neutral colours. Shorts let the baby’s legs be free to move around and play comfortably. They also provide breathability during summer, keeping the baby cool and comfortable. There are plenty of options for shorts, but solid works better than prints as they bring out the baby’s cuteness and make them look stylish 
  3. Beanies or hats: Newborn babies need to be protected from direct harsh sunlight hitting them. So when you are out, it is always advisable to carry a hat with you during summers and carry a beanie in your bag, just in case the weather pulls a surprise and becomes cold. It is better to be safe, than sorry. 
  4. Sundresses: If you want to dress your baby girl in a dress, sundresses are the best option. They are extremely comfortable and lightweight. Sundresses usually come with bloomers and help in covering the baby’s diaper. Opt for cute prints and take pictures of your little one! 
  5. Zipsuits: Organic cotton zip suits are easy to wear and they also have snaps near the crotch area that can aid in easy diaper change. They are preferred during the night as well, since it is easier to change in the dark rather than the buttoned clothes or snaps. Shoulder to ankle zipper is preferred so that it does not bother the baby’s skin and keeps them comfortable
  6. Bedtime: Remember to dress your newborn according to the temperature of the room he or she is sleeping in and not based on the temperature outside. I you are using an air conditioner during the summer, then make sure you dress your baby in a sleepsuit or knitwear to keep them from getting cold at night
  7. Kimono sets: Kimono sets are a great option if you are visiting a mall or an air conditioned space during the summer. It will keep the baby warm and covered. Kimono sets look super adorable on babies and are available in various colours and prints. So always consider the temperature of the place you are in not the weather when you are dressing your baby.

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