Dress Materials Commonly Found In Wedding Dresses

dress materials

It’s your wedding day. Excited? Nervous? Thrilled? Confused?  What is the biggest concern you have? How are you going to choose the best outfit for your big day?  There are so many fabrics to choose from and every fabric has their pros and cons and not every fabric will look that beautiful in the design you are wishing for. Here is the list of some of the best fabrics used to make wedding dresses for brides and even the family.

  1. Taffeta

Taffeta is used for dresses which need a structural and crisp look. It is made from silk, some are even made from rayon and polyester. Though it is a structural fabric it is quite breathable and comfortable and even comes in different weights allowing the wearer to choose the right weight for them. Due to its shininess it is mostly used in skirts which are big and full ones. When paired with right fabric tops like satin and lace this outfit can be really beautiful with textures, with tulle as an inner line in the fabric can create a more beautiful outfit.

  1. Chiffon

Chiffon was also a product of silk but these days it is made from all fibers including cotton , polyester and  nylon. It is a sheer fabric which gives a very light weight look, which can limit the usage of this fabric. It is mostly used as sleeves or overlays, it has a very good breathability and stretch to it. You can easily use this for your wedding dress.

  1. Organza

It is also mostly used for overlays to give the fabric a fullness, this is a great fabric for brides who want a dress that flows when they walk. It depends on the fabric used under, organza being a sheer fabric don’t add weight to the outfit no matter the layers added. Organza can be embedded with beads for embroidery to give it a more elegant look.

  1. Tulle

Tulle looks similar to organza and chiffon but it is a bit stiffer than them, it is made from any of these silk, polyester, nylon or rayon fibers, due to its stiffness it can help you give a fluffier look. It can be used in both ways to overlay or underneath the clothes to give you a fluffiness in your outfit.

  1. Lace

It is not used as a primary fabric but it is most used fabric in wedding dresses. It can be used to overlay the other outfits and even on every small part of the dress be it bodice or sleeves or your neckline. It is made from linen, cotton and silk. Laces are see through and manier times they are totally see through, they are delicate and they come in many different patterns. Due to its breathability and stretchiness it is an amazing choice for sleeves.

  1. Silk

Many other fabrics are made of silks which make silk a whole lot more popular than others, silk is the most used fabric in wedding dresses due to its shininess and softness. Silk also comes in many different types, and the prices vary according to the quality of silk. Many silks are more expensive than the others, the features of silk vary accordingly, some are stiff whereas some are flowy. Which type of silk you want to use depends on the type of dress you want to get. But no matter what kind of dress it is, silk is one of the best dress material wholesale with price choice you can make if you want a classic outfit for your big day.

  1. Crepe

To bring a three dimensional texture to your outfit you can use crepe which is made from either silk or  synthetic fibers. It is not a popular fabric for your dress but it can be used for your skirts or decorative add ons for your wedding outfit. Due to its variety in weights it can be used in any season you want and any type you want according to your want, it has a stretchiness which can be useful when getting a dress done. Breathability of crepe depends on the fabric it is made of, though it is non heat resistant making it a good choice only for indoors.

  1. Satin

Due to its softness, shiness and texture, satin is the most loved fabric for wedding outfits. Satin is not a name of fabric it is how the fabric is woven which concludes it can be made of any fabric such as silk, cotton or polyester. Satin is an elegant fabric. Satin adapts all the features of the fabric it is made of like breathability, heat resistant and such. It is a versatile fabric which comes in many different textures and fabrics and prices making it one of the most used fabrics for wedding dresses.

  1. Charmeuse

Another silk made fabric charmeuse is one of the traditional fabrics used in wedding dresses, due to it being made of silk it can be expensive but it also comes in alternatives of polyester or rayon made. Just like satin it is also known for its sheer appearance and elegance. Due to its light weightness it is an ideal choice for summers and spring weddings . It is breathable and has a great drape to it but the only thing it lacks is stretchability. It can be used for the whole outfit or even as overlays.

  1. Velvet

To get you an outfit which is shiny and soft you can get your outfit in  velvet fabric . When velvet is used in darker tones it is more shiny compared to neutral ones. Due to its thickness and awareness compared to other fabric it is used more in cooler weather. It is not an ideal and traditional wedding fabric but if you are planning to make a statement with your fabric this is the one for you.

Above mentioned are few of the most popular fabrics used in wedding outfits, every fabric has its own unique appearance and features. Get your design clear and choose the right fabric for your outfit, you can choose different fabrics in your single outfit as per their features. Wedding day is the dream of every girl and the outfit we choose for that day should be our dream outfit, with above info about the fabrics I hope you get your dream come true.