How Dreamstation CPAP better than Basic CPAP Machine

Dreamstation CPAP

The DreamStation CPAP Machine is taking big leaps in the market. It is a good-looking handy and a very powerful machine that is a must for every CPAP user to make their experience better. 

The DreamStation CPAP machine is a smaller and lighter machine that has many added features like Integrated Bluetooth connectivity, optional Wi-Fi and cellular modems that can be beneficial for the user.  These features make it easy for the user to get connected to Respironics’ DreamMapper app as well. On DreamMapper user can get videos that are helpful, and even fix their goals regarding the therapy.  The additional advanced features in the new DreamStation include SmartRamp and Mask Fit check.

This Philips CPAP machine is one of the best CPAPs among its contemporaries in the market. The DreamStation is an advanced machine that is equipped with the latest technology to provide CPAP users with all the comfort and beauty that no other machine can offer.

To find out whether the design, features, and functions are superior to other CPAP machines we will have a closer look.

What is CPAP?

Continuous positive airway pressure machines are called CPAP machines. While you sleep it pushes a continuous flow of air into your mouth via a mask to prevent your airways from collapsing. Filtered and humidified air is supplied by the CPAP machines to make breathing more comfortable and safe.

There is a little different when it comes to CPAP machines and Bipap machines better known as Bi-level Positive Air Pressure machines. It conveys consistent wind stream; in any case, Bipap machines make the breathing simpler while exhalation as it lessens the weight. Fundamentally, this implies higher pneumatic force is applied while you’re breathing in.

It has two diverse weight settings for inward breath and exhalation. The pressure is more while inhaling and reduces while exhaling. This enables the breathing cycle more to smooth and agreeable.

Dreamstation CPAP vs others CPAP machines


The Dreamstation is quite compact and lightweight and so can be easily taken anywhere. The Dreamstation is somewhat longer (3.3 inches tall and 11.7 inches long) and has an added feature of working without the humidifier. Without the humidifier, the size further comes down to only 7.6 inches making it very handy compared to other basic CPAP machines.

Similarly, if we talk about the weight of the Dreamstation it is 2.94 pounds without the humidifier and 4.37 pounds with the humidifier that is again very less compared to other basic models of Cpap that can weigh up to 5.75 pounds with a humidifier.


Dreamstation outstands other models of CPAP machine when it comes to noise is most of the devices are loud, irritating, and difficult to sleep next to. While Dreamstation claims to be quiet, making them more desirable as everyone wants a peaceful environment to sleep. Thus Dreamstation rules out one of the most common concerns for CPAP users with 25 dB. 

Power & Tubing

One of the most important features of a CPAP machine is the tubing and power supply that cannot be overlooked at any cost. This does not get and impacted in case of Dreamstation CPAP machines as it is easy to use. It has swivel connections for heated tubing compared to the traditional non-heated tubing in other CPAP machines and works perfectly from both AC and DC sources when it comes to accepting power.


As most of the CPAP users face the problem of dry mouth and nose due to continuous breathing thus, to provide maximum comfort in the delicate membranes of the nose and mouth, Dreamstation CPAP address this need with humidifier attachments. But the best part is that the Dreamstation can work without it, making its weight cut down and making it convenient for travelling. On the other hand, other Cpap machines do have a humidifier to function. 


Dreamstation is not only known to have a simple design but is incorporated with additional features that make it very desirable. It is easy to operate at the push of a button, easy-to-navigate control screens, ambient light sensors that automatically adjust brightness according to the light in the room for improved visibility and the best part is the mobile app that helps the users to review therapy feedback and get a report that includes breathing rates, leak rate, events per hour, and many more. All these additional features are not available in other basic CPAP machines.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Dreamstation does not overlook the important aspect of a CPAP machine and that is cleaning. It has an easy-to-remove water chamber and filters that can be easily accessible. The water chamber can be completely detached for easier cleaning, emptying, and refilling


Finally, one of the most important factors is the cost, and as the Dreamstation CPAP machines come with multiple advantages keeping the comfort level of the users in mind the cost at which it is available is worth the money you will be spending to have this masterpiece in your bedrooms and this makes the Dreamstation even more appealing.

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