In 2023 Pursue Your Dream Career Abroad!

Dream Career Abroad

IELTS EXAM is a competency-based examination to pursue if you as a student dream of studying abroad with your full potential and also want to attain a job opportunity on a global spectrum, it will help to achieve a scholarly background and which will enhance your career graph of Indians.

IELTS PREPARATION attributes the scrutiny of the test taker’s English language proficiency because mostly the countries for which students often dream of studying are English-speaking majoritarians like USA, UK, or CANADA. It tests the overall approach of the students or test-takers in the English language efficiently.

Studying abroad foremost gains the awareness of Indian students. As, because foreign universities have supreme and unwavering educational structure learning, competent teachers, and international exposure which eliminates the enduring of compromising on qualitative education.  

In the presence of International opportunities, students brace their hands in abstaining from the loss of their most precious years to accomplish their education. Certainly, the high-level competition restrains them from missing out on some deemed universities in India.

So, for filling that gaping Internationally acclaimed universities offer ample ways to proceed with their needs.


FULL FORM: International English Language TestMODE OF EXAMINATION: Computer-Based Assessment
IELTS FEES: 15,500 fees for registrationSCORE RANGE: Score 1( lowest)                             Score 9 (highest)
IELTS EXAM POPULAR FOR: Studying, Work & emigrating to English-speaking countries.CONDUCTED BY: IDP Education Pvt.


The exam consists of the following pattern which affiliates the IELTS Exam flawlessly. It sustains the student’s gateway to proceed with their dream career abroad.

The increasing number of candidates for attending the international eligibility examination, which incurred the difficult level of examination and because of which certain markups need to be understood to make the examination a step forward to your international dream of education instead of acting as a barrier to your educational journey.

So, the IELTS EXAM PATTERN  can be understood that the examination consist of 4 main parts to enable the testing procedure of the candidates vigorously. It, lets the exam taker get  a brief indication about their command of the language and their capability to attain comfort in the new living with a new culture.  The 4 parts of their testing are as follows:

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking

So, here are certain pointers for students, professionals, and whoever aspires to take up this examination.

                                                    EXAM PATTERN
LISTENING: 40 questions ( approx 30 minutes+ 10 minutes of transfer time)READING: 40 questions  ( 60 minutes)
WRITING: 2 tasks ( 60 minutes within the written exam)SPEAKING: 11-14 minutes (interview-based examination)

IELTS Exam Eligibility Criteria

Honestly, there is no such restriction involved while applying to a language proficiency examination by the candidates, especially in India,

IELTS EXAM which is the English language-based examination that withholds the compulsion for itself to qualify to grant a seat in any international university for meritorious education, because it examines the language competency amongst the candidates who diligently dream career abroad off to get through a qualitative education on inexpensive fee structure, and IELTS is a gateway towards that dream.

The main requirements to get through IELTS would be:

  • Candidates are required to be above the age of 16 before applying to the IELTS examination. Or, must have completed it before the registration process.
  • Below the age of 16 candidates who undergo the IELTS examination are bounded to be supervised or are attributed to be under their parent’s guidance.
  • Under special circumstances when schools need IELTS scores are necessary to undergo this examination.
  • There is unquestionably no upper age restriction for the candidates undergoing this examination.


Candidates make sure that they accompany their preparation with diligent reading habits to inbuilt their reading capacity, language practice, and attainment of knowledge from that piece of work because candidates get acknowledged to have well-versed knowledge of all over the world.

To attain a sufficient amount of fluency in the IELTS GENERAL READING PRACTICE  can consider some material for their accurate preparation which leads to help them achieve a tremendous score.

So, consider reading as many as many books as to-read likely,

  1.  Like reading some preparation books especially meant for the IELTS exam like IELTS   PRACTICE BOOKS like CAREER LAUNCHER
  2. SOME English interviews are appreciated and quite helpful to enhance the speaking skills of the candidates.
  3. Novels and informative books such as encyclopedias come in handy.

After initiating the preparation strategies candidates can seek some IELTS PRACTICE TEST to get themselves an idea of where they are standing in their preparation position.

We are overwhelmed by serving you in the direction of your distinguished educational journey.

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