Dream 11 Prediction – “How to Predict A Match with Complete Team”?

dream 11

In today’s time, Fantasy Cricket has become the most sought thing. It is telling upon the fantasy gaming applications so much. Dream11 the king of fantasy gaming has started it all. In today’s article, I am going to discuss the Dream 11 Prediction.

How A User Can Predict A Game? What Will Be the Fees? And other conditions implied for playing at Dream11. So taking it to simple words, Dream 11 Prediction is basically a kind of fantasy gaming application where user can Predict and Form a Team of best playing 11. 

There are some nominal charges which the Dream11 company will take as Fees. It is around Rs 26 (ticket charge) and may vary from game to game. Now, when you have formed your team, you will get some points on each scoring. The complete details are available below for Prediction Dream11.

Dream11 Prediction – “How to Predict A Team”?

Now the very step after paying the fees would be to Form A Team with best Predictions. Firstly, you need to take a very important decision of Predicting Captain & Vice Captain. This decision can turn the complete game. 

The highest points are granted if you predict the winning captain and vice captain. Afterwards the bottle turns to the Wicketkeeper, Bowlers and Batsman. Each category has its own highest points. If you predict the winning team’s wicketkeeper, bowler and batsman then you are definitely make it to the big win. 

There is another great provision of Special Bonus for some of the important categories which are discussed below: 

  • Greater Strikes Rates
  • Boundaries
  • Half Century
  • Century
  • Better economic rates
  • Maidens  
  • Run Out etc. 

How to Predict Captain & Vice Captain?

  1. The very first step towards this is, The player you predict as Captain or Vice Captain should be playing in the match that day. The information can be collected from Cricbuzz prior 5 hour of the match. 
  2. The player you predicting should be in form and 100% fit. You never know a bad form player can play very well but it depends on a little luck. 
  3. Choose established players or those who have performed well in the previous matches like Kohli, Gayle, Russel, etc. These players can be your good hitter and you may get a very good bet over them. 
  4. You can also choose new players which has not received any fame, international exposure. As they will only focus on the game and can give you very high scores. In the previous matches Sanju Samson, Nitish Rana were emerging stars. 

In my opinion. Before betting or predicting any player you must be aware of the Team and game as well. Who is in form, Who is running good with wickets, etc. After this only you can start Dream11 prediction. 

How to Predict The Playing 11?

Dream11 Prediction also allows you to predict the remaining 9 players of the team. Here the game will give you 100 credit score. Each player has some credit score according to the playing skills. 

Better the player, higher will be the credit scores. The team must be formed keeping in mind the 100 credit score. Also you need to keep in mind that you can choose the players in the ratio  7:4,6:6,5:6,6:5,4:7. 

User can form multiple combination of good players. You can enter a single contest with 6 different teams which can different captain and vice captains. 

Type of Contest for Dream11 Prediction 

The dream11 offers two big contest. The first one is Grand League and the other is Small League. As the name suggests i.e. Grand League is for large no. of participants, competition and big prize money. Small league is held between small participants, less competition and less prize money. 

Grand League Prize Money

Small League Prize Money: Upto 01 Lac

So this is the overall Dream 11 Prediction that who will win the match today. You will get to know so many things once you start playing the game. Also go through the terms and conditions before making Predictions for Dream11.

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