Where can I download TikTok mod latest version? Bypassing the block

Bypassing the block

Learn how to download TikTok mod latest version of the working TikTok mod for Android, iPhone, and PC in Russia and bypass the TikTok video block. In the material, I found out how to download the TikTok mod using Scarlet or directly from the Telegram channel, as well as how and where to buy a personal certificate.

What is TikTok mod

This is a special modified application created to bypass the blockage in Russia 🇷🇺. In February 2022, the regular application became unavailable for use and only old videos were shown, and it was also impossible to upload videos. The mod allows you to bypass these restrictions by replacing your RU geolocation with any other. This way, you get access to all the features.

What to do when TikTok is blocked

How to download TikTok mod on Android, where to find it, and how to use it

It is now known that TikTok is not available in the Russian Federation, and recently it became known that it can also be blocked in the United States.

Why is TikTok so good and why don’t bloggers want to leave it? It’s simple, it was the first social platform to develop the format of short videos, initially the app was called Musicly, as far as I remember, and mainly dances were uploaded there. Now TikTok generates such traffic that your video can get recommended even if you shoot it on a smartphone in other countries. That is why TikTok remains a desirable app for creating content. And due to the large number of users, the most trending content appears in TikTok. The popularity of TikTok has driven everyone crazy to the point that even Mark Zuckerberg wanted to block it at the state level and transfer everyone to his Reels format in the banned social network Instagram in Russia.

TikTok mod on Android

So, let’s see how to access TikTok mod on Android. Important! I did not develop this software, so I do not guarantee its reliability and performance. When you download and use third-party software, you are at risk.

Installation manual on how to use it:

First, go to the Telegram channel and do everything described in the pinned message below:

1. You need to uninstall previously installed versions or plugins of TikTok, including the official app. (Before uninstalling, save your account data so that you can log in under them in the new app)

2. Download and install the latest version of TikTok mod

3. Download and run the latest version of TikTok plugin

4. Be sure to change the region from Russia to Belarus or Kazakhstan

5. Launch TikTok mod by clicking the button in the plugin.

Download TikTok APK mod and plugin on Android in Telegram

You can get many videos on YouTube about this. If you need, here is a guide Learn how to watch private YouTube videos.

How to download TikTok mod on iPhone, where to find it, and how to use it

iOS users will not be able to install APK files, and we have IPA extensions. By the way, Apple does not allow downloading any files from the Internet so easily for the sake of your security. But there are ways, of course. In a previous article, I already described what needs to be done to install TikTok mod on iPhone. First of all, to download the mod for iOS, the person who provides it to you must have an extended Apple Developer license. And then all you need to do is download the app and use it calmly. But keep in mind that Apple is fighting the spread of certificates in masses, as they should ideally be used exclusively by developers. The easiest way to download TikTok mod is through Telegram, and if you get tired of the certificate being revoked every 3 days, you can purchase a paid version for a year.

TikTok mod on iPhone

Installation manual on how to use it:

To download TikTok mod on iPhone, you need to go to the Telegram channel, download the certificate, sign it in Scarlet, and download the app in the message.

Periodically, the certificate will be revoked, but this is quickly resolved by releasing a new one, so all you need to do after revoking the old one is wait for a new post in the Telegram.

Download TikTok APK Mod on iPhone in Telegram

How to sign a certificate in Scarlet

1. Download Scarlet from the official website, scroll to the bottom, and skip the ads

Step 1

2. Open the app and click the button in the middle and hold the icon in the upper right corner

Step 2

3. Select the Manage Certs option

Step 3

4. If there are old certificates, delete them and import the certificate by clicking on “Import Cert” (The certificate is downloaded in the Telegram channel)

Step 4

5. Select our certificate, it is important that the green checkmark is lit. After signing the certificate, you can download the IPA application from Telegram and use all the features.

How to change the language to Russian in TikTok mod, as well as about “Developer Mode Required”

Sometimes, when downloading the app, all the text inside may be in Chinese. What to do if you are in Russia and do not know how to change it to Russian? In fact, it’s simple. To get rid of the Chinese text, try holding the app icon and selecting “Start Recording” or “Начать запись” (Start recording), then enter the app and restart the device.

What to do if it says: Developer mode required to run. As long as developer mode is off, this app will be unavailable.

1. Go to Settings

2. Then Privacy and Security

3. Scroll to the bottom, there will be the “Developer Mode” option

4. Turn it on, and your device will restart.

If it does not require you to enable this mode, then everything is fine and you do not need to look for it. You can only enable it when the system itself requests it.

Final words

TikTok mod is a great solution for 2023, and I think for 2024 as well. Currently, this is the only option where you can safely bypass the blockage. It is up to you to decide whether to use this method or not.