Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes are the Ideal Way to Display the Items in a Visually Appealing Manner

custom double wall boxes

The double wall tuck top is a protective box that does not entail any adhesive for its perfect closure. It has a rigid bottom with a moveable lid at its topmost section that divides into two quarter-circle sections. It has two built-in slots in which the panels are infused to form an enclosed box. The manufacturers wisely construct it by employing eco-friendly materials to make it recyclable and reusable.

Owing to these materials, this box is also incredibly light in weight and can be made in desired configurations. Depending upon the specific needs of the people, they can be custom-designed in many styles, formats, and sizes.

The double wall tuck top box has an extensive range of users across the different sectors of the industry due to its rich-featured nature. Apart from delivering the required protection to the products, it also contributes towards their smart presentation due to their numerous designing and printing capabilities.

 Top brands are utilizing state-of-the-art printing methods, high-quality inks, and CMYK or PMS colors to improve their catchiness. The beautiful artwork, graphical portrayals, and intricate drawings can be imprinted on the smooth surface of this box. Many other additional options are also available for augmenting its visual expressiveness, such as gold foiling, embossing, raised inks, matte coating, etc.

The product presentation is the most crucial stage of interaction with the client base. People are usually excited to see your products, so; you cannot afford to manage an ordinary display for them. To build special feelings and exceed the expectations of the target audience, double wall tuck top packages are the finest choice for displaying your items. They cast an aesthetically pleasing first impression on the customers with their beautiful display.

Diversity in sizes:

Whether you agree or not, the size of the packaging matters a lot from the product presentation point of view. If the box is not complementing the dimensions of the items well, the chances are that their presentation will be compromised. If you want to create an effective product display strategy, you must think about a packaging solution that is customizable according to the precise dimensions of the items. Imagine presenting your items in a relatively larger box than their dimensions.

They will look completely out of place with no customers willing to take a glimpse at them. The same is the case with the larger items presented in, the smaller packaging boxes. The custom double wall boxes assure you the provision of complete freedom to select complementing product sizes. You can easily customize their size as per your specific desires to elevate the presentational value of various items. This way, the display will look cleaner and nicer, thus, attracting a large buyer pool.

Suitable for all color options:

For the presentation of any kind, colors are the most important aspects that cannot be ignored. This is because they are the real influencers in augmenting the display value of the products of different genres. The ordinary packaging options do not allow you versatility when it comes to the color options. These traditional packages usually have rougher surfaces that cannot retain the color printing inks well, and as a result, the presentation is compromised.

To avoid this, the double wall tuck top packaging boxes are the ideal choice. This is because they possess relatively smooth surfaces that retain and bright up the printing color inks. Further, you can use custom printing in both CMYK and PMS color configurations. This allows you many versatile options in terms of accurate color selection for your product display.

Exclusive customizable designs:

The traditional display packaging options available in the market have a limit on the customizability of their designs and shapes. They come in certain configurations that have become rote now, and customers are no longer interested in even providing a look at them. Alluring the customers with the presentation of items demands a different strategy. Imagine presenting your items in plain square boxes. Will they be able to fascinate the audience and sway their buying habits?

No, not at all; this is because many brands are using the same boxes for this purpose. To create a sense of differentiation in your product presentation, you can rely on the double wall tuck top packaging boxes. With them, you can assure a creative presentation since you can change their shape and design according to the contemporary market trends. They allow you to be a bit more innovative with the display of your items and leave a tantalizing impression on the target audience.

Attuned towards finishing options:

The finishing of the packaging matters a lot in the attractive presentation and displaying of different products. Many double wall tuck top packaging wholesale suppliers proffer this packaging along with many finish choices. For instance, you can get them stamped with gold, silver, and copper foiling to impart a luxurious nature to the products meant for display.

Not just that, there are many other attractive options as well, such as matte, gloss, velvet, and no-smudge lamination that reflect the class of the presented items. You can also avail of options like raised UV, embossing, debossing, and soft-touch for giving a smooth tactile experience to the clients whenever they put a hand at your product. With the help of these alluring finishes, the imprinted designs on the custom double wall boxes stand out even more. As a result, the items get an instant boost in their display value.

To wrap up, the double wall tuck top boxes are the ideal solutions for the elevated presentation of your products. Owing to their customizable design options, they make your items look visually more prominent and expressive. This, as a result, helps the brands to gravitate more and more attention towards their items.

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