Don’t Come Crying to This Airline – Personal Experience

spirit airline reservations

Prepare Well to Avoid any Spirit Airline Travel Issue: Personal Experience

Spirit Airlines transformed its business model to a la carte or ultra-low-cost in 2006 and has been to places it has never been. It has become a household name in the past couple of years, though mostly for the wrong reasons of expensive charges, too many flight cancellations due to operational issues, missed or lost baggage, staff shortages, and technical problems. However, well-prepared and informed travelers who have frequently flown with Spirit Airlines like me know well that it all boils down to mismatched expectations.

Flyers with this budget airline believe that the airline will bend or break its policies to accept their demands, as they did in the past. However, Spirit doesn’t do so. When booking flights with an ultra-low-cost air carrier like Spirit Airlines, one must set one’s expectations right and be well informed to make the most of their flight booking and get decent Spirit Airlines customer services for a memorable travel experience.

spirit airline reservations

My Travel Experience with Spirit Airlines

Let me share my travel experience with Spirit Airlines Reservations that will enlighten you and let you know how Spirit, amid such an uproar and negative reviews and perception, is geared up to make profits in 2022.

1. Before booking, understand the trade-offs

When flying with Spirit Airlines, I know well that one needs to play by Spirit’s rules. Many passengers understand the Spirits’ ticket booking, change and cancelation policy, baggage policy, and various trades-offs. When I booked a flight ticket to Fort Lauderdale from LaGuardia Airport, 2 weeks in advance, I saved $100 compared to what I would have paid on other airlines.

Besides, as the airline charges for every checked and carry-on bag, I had already packed light and did not need to pay for carry-on backpacks. Travelers can save a considerable amount by packing light or all their essentials in Spirit Airlines-approved carry-on bags.

2. Fast Boarding

I was fairly impressed by the fast and efficient boarding process of Spirit Airlines. A traveler with a full-sized carry-on bag having paid in advance boards with group 1 while other passengers with small bags get to Zone 3 and 4 with no priority boarding. If you require priority boarding or Zone 2 boarding, you will have to pay an extra fee of $5.99 per person each way.

3. I selected the Big Front Seat for more comfort

Choosing a Big Front seat for a long-haul flight can be quite comfortable. It seemed like flying in a Premium Economy class in a legacy carrier, albeit at a low cost. These seats come in 2-2 arrangements with 36 inches of pitch and 18.5 inches width. You can skip that if you don’t require it for yourself.

4. Crew members were courteous

I hadn’t had any problem during my air travel as the crew were courteous, and I got polite responses from them.

With careful planning and preparation, having booked tickets in advance and completed check-in online, and setting the expectations low, you can have a pleasant flying experience in Spirit Airline. Besides, suppose you have any Spirit travel-related issues. In that case, you can call Spirit Airlines customer service number to discuss your flight booking or flight management issue with a live customer care representative. You will get excellent service that will make your travel smooth and comfortable. 

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