We take proper care of your dog when you are not around: dogsitter on demand app

DogBuddy app clone

Worried about what to do with your dog when you are going out for a holiday? Or you are not getting time to take proper care of your dog during your hectic schedule for the whole week. With Dogbuddy clone dogsitter on demand app, you can find a local trustable dog sitter to provide a friendly caring environment to your furry friend.

dogsitter on demand app

Merits of DogBuddy clone app from the owner’s point of view

  • Owners can choose the pet sitters from thousands of options available on the app. There is a number of options available like dog boarding, dog sitting, dog walking, doggy daycare etc.
  • Customers can search for dog walkers or dog sitters by using the postcode or city.
  • Customers can also read the reviews by which they can select the perfect service.
  • By a few simple clicks, one can book mind-blowing daycare or overnight sitter booking and receive a quick notification via e-mail.
  • Customers can pay their bill right from the application using their wallet integrated into the app. The payment is done safely, quickly and securely.
  • Customers can also message the sitter to manage to greet and meet for your pet.
  • Customers can also receive the photo of their loyal friend and also the video from their sitters if they want.
  • If you like the service of the dogsitter, you can rebook the service without any hassle.

Let’s look at the merits of using DogBuddy clone app from the service provider’s point of view-

  • By using this awesome app, you can keep your dog sitting calendar up to date.
  • You receive quick messages after the booking and also the notification on your phone.
  • Can gather all the necessary details about the dog before it arrives at your home.
  • You can also manage all the necessary information about the dog sitting booking with the owner of the dog.
  • Also, you can also send regular messages from time to time to the owners of the dog just to show them how much fun their dog is having at your place.

For more added security and peace of mind, all the bookings which are made using DogBuddy clone app are insured by liability insurance. This wonderful app also provides free advice to the new dogsitters and that too without applying any charge. The customer care support number is available for 24/7 and anyone can call on the number to get the perfect answers to their questions.

Download the unbeatable dogsitter on demand app today and to schedule and search a perfect dog-sitting app for your furry friend.

If you want to start a brand new business which can easily hit up the heated market full of cut-throat competition then you can opt for DogBuddy app clone which is the perfect alternative to leave your loyal friend with the next door neighbours and also holds a positive image in the industry.

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