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A dog that has been staying for a long time in a home or garden will start to feel bored. If you often go to exercise or go for a walk, take your puppy along, comfort him and make his body stronger, but there are a few things you need to take note of to be safer when take the dog for a walk.

Don’t take your dog for a walk without training and learning about him

Before you move your dog out, make sure you can control him through pre-training. Your puppy can get overly excited when it comes to going out, especially on the first walk. Sen can train puppies with a few simple commands so they are always within your range. You should also learn about your dog’s personality traits to avoid things or places that cause him to be scared or agitated. Keeping the dog calm throughout the ride ensures the dog’s safety and those around him.

Drag him with you when he shows signs of moving in the other direction

If your dog starts to show signs of pulling you in the direction he likes, pull him back in place. The most gentle and simple way for your dog to understand that he is not allowed to do this is to pull the chain towards you or the direction you want him to go. When pulling the chain, the lotus can scold or be silent but should not look them in the eye to be serious.

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Bring water with you and always pay attention to all the signs of your dog’s health

Going out means there are no amenities at home buying advice. You need to have clean water ready for your dog because exercise will make him thirsty very quickly. If the weather is too hot, let the dog stay indoors. Going out in this weather your dog is most likely to experience a heat shock. When exercising in cold weather, keep your dog warm with pet-specific clothes as he can catch a cold. If you observe that there is anything wrong with your dog, stop walking and see your vet if necessary.

Puppies should have standard harnesses instead of elastic ones

If you use the stretcher to guide your dog, they may be out of control at any time. The best way is to use a standard string of moderate length so that the dog is always walking on your side or leaning back a little. If the rope is too long, the dog can “kick off” at any time.

To ensure safety, please help your dog wear a “mask”

Lotus can use a dog’s snout or muzzle for a walk. This will both prevent the dog from injuring others around him and also prevent the risk of war between his friends. You won’t want a peaceful and fun walk to turn into a battlefield, do you.

The best place to go for a walk is a park or an outdoor play area. Large space will help your dog play more comfortably. Sen do not forget to prepare a full meal after going for a walk to revive your dog. Can be seen as a reward when the dog obey you too.

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