Does Your Dairy Business Need A Milking Machine?

milking machine

Are you establishing a farm and can’t decide whether to hire labour or get an automated milking machine? Or is your conventional dairy farm expanding and you’re thinking about buying milking machines? In any instance, this post can be beneficial to your dairy business, so read to the end.

What Is A Milking Machine?

A milking machine is advanced machinery that is used to extract milk from cows. This machine is meant to suck milk and store it in a container by creating a steady vacuum.

Since milking machines perform the milking process effectively and efficiently while making sure the milk is hygienic and of high quality, dairy farmers can handle more cows with the same amount of resources. Conversely, the dairy farm that does not have an automatic milk machine is dependent on manual labour. As a result, they are facing higher labour costs in comparison to the farm that uses an automatic milk machine.

Advantages Of A Milking Machine

Increases the milk production

With larger livestock, the dairy farm can boost its activities with the use of a milking machine. However, proper milking machinery allows farmers to improve herds faster while maintaining a higher milk procurement with cutting-edge techniques.

Reduction in the price of labour

The second benefit is quite evident, and that is the money saved by minimising labour costs. To operate correctly, a large dairy farm that harvests by hand will typically require at least a dozen staff. Only a handful will be required with automatic milking technology.

Pure and Hygienic Milk

When you manually take out the milk from a cow,  there are chances of getting hay, hair, and sometimes even speaking of manure that always ends up in your hard-earned milk bucket. A fine strainer is only useful to a certain extent.  In the case of a milking machine, the bucket is enclosed and sealed while using a milk machine. During the milking process, there is no risk of contamination. This preserves the freshness and cleanliness of the milk.

Safe for your cows

Using a machine instead of hand milking is safer since the teats contact rubber liners instead of fingernails during the routine process, which injures the cattle’s teats. As a result, it reduces stress during lactation, resulting in a more efficient milking process.

We reduce stress on the animals when we milk them with a milk machine and a consistent milking routine, which leads to an increase in milk production and improved health of the animals.

What Is The Functioning Of A Milking Machine?

Despite their appearance, milking machines operate on a very simple principle. Rubber or silicone is attached to the teacups of dairy animals’ teats. Pulsator valves are connected to vacuum pumps via a pulsating valve.

Pulsating on the pulsation chamber creates a vacuum, which opens the liner, revealing the teat. Milk will flow as a result of this exposure. 

Where To Purchase The Best Milking Machine?

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