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Document storage companies have become quite popular in India over the last few years of time. As the number of companies and startups are booming, they are paving the way for these document storage companies too in the country. Even when systems have become digitized and professionals perform everything online, there can be several reasons due to which business houses require to take help from document storage companies. 

But does this mean the companies can get help from any random document storage company? 

Getting the best Document Storage Companies in India

If you own one such startup company, you will also need a document storage company someday or the other. If you wish to experience smooth functioning, you should always choose the best options. How can you do so? You can always get the best document storage company in India by following these simple tricks. 

Check the Services:

Most people have the chance of choosing the very first service provider that comes up. But it is not always necessary that the company will offer all the services that you require. Hence, you should definitely check the list of services that the company is offering. 

Check Reviews:

Do not forget to check the reviews of the company from genuine clients. This will help you in understanding the real worth of the company and making the right decisions. 

Get a Quote before Comparing:

Now, when you have a few of the document storage companies and wish to compare between them, get every element of comparison ready. One of the eminent elements is the price. Hence, get a price quote from the companies so that you can have a fair comparison between them. 

Following these tricks will definitely help you in getting the best document storage company that is well-suited for you. 

Best Document Storage Companies in India

Of course, searching for the right document storage company in India from a huge list of options available can be a much time consuming task. Hence, here is a list of best document storage companies in India as per the current trend. 


Stationed at Gurgaon, Softage now has its hold throughout the country now. With more than 5000 staff members and with a turnover of 500 crore, this company has been a milestone in the document storage industry. The team houses experienced employees who are well aware of the modern techniques and are capable enough to manage risk factors too. Apart from document management, Softage also indulges in many other services such as outsourcing, business management, and others. The company has been offering its services to different sectors by now such as aviatio, retail, hospitality, and many others. 


Scanbulk has been in this industry for the last 2 decades and have been offering document storage services to the clients at a much affordable cost. With an employee strength of 100, the company manages to have a turnover of 5 to 10 crores in document storage services along with other services that they offer. Scanbulk has been offering its services across the country now and many small to middle size companies prefer to get the services of Scanbulk due to its budget friendly costing. 

Syrus Information Technology:

This is a newly started and recognised company that is based out at Hyderabad. Syrus is a fresh team that works with modern technologies and has updated ideas to tackle any kind of issue and to offer the best services to the clients. It is due to their updated ideas and systems that they have very rapidly occupied the market for document storage services even with a small team.

Capital Business System:

While Syrus is a new company offering great services, Capital is an old company based out in Delhi. The best thing about this company is that though it was established way back in 1950, the team has maintained to stay updated with the trend. It is due to its adaptability that with a team of about 5000 employees, this company has a turnover of 100 to 500 crores. The company offers document storage and also digitization services mainly to different educational business houses.  

Reckon Concern:

This Maharashtra based company is a small team of 10 employees but has a powerful impact in the document storage industry. The main task of the company is that of document and record storage and management. But apart from this, it also offered some other services such as data processing, data extraction, and many others. 

Thus, here are the best names in the document storage industry in India as of now. Now, it is quite obvious that the list of best companies will keep on changing depending upon the performance and other factors. But if you are in search for a good document storage company in India as of now, getting the suitable one from the above list will surely not make you regret.

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