Diwali Lamps and Lantern Ideas For Your Home in 2020

diwali lamps

Diwali is celebrated on the dark, moonless night known as Amavasya in the Hindu culture. It is a day that marks the homecoming of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after the slaying of the demon Ravana. Diwali symbolizes the victory of goodness over evil that is metaphorized through lighting up dark spaces and making them lively.

Since our ancient revered culture promotes colours, relationships, knowledge etc. darkness is not something that people rejoice and especially on the moonless night. But, Diwali sees darkness as the mother of light and hence illuminating a moonless night is essential to mark the celebrations of Diwali.

It is an exemplar of finding the divine light even through the darkness of our soul and worldly affairs. Lord Rama’s return from Vanvas can also be seen as returning from the dark and hence, illuminating each corner of the house to eradicate this pervading darkness remains at the core of sparkling up homes with Diwali lamps, diyas and other home décor stuff. It is something that everyone does on this pious festival to celebrate the festival of lights, hope, wealth and prosperity.

Getting a Diwali lamp is not hard, but getting the right one as per your ambience, space, budget and convenience is an herculean task. So, here’re a few Diwali light decorations ideas for you to choose the best one:

1. Hanging lanterns

You can bring home Diwali hanging lanterns online, since it is a safe and secure way to purchase any diwali gift online without ditching the social distancing and protection norms. The Diwali lantern wall hanging  helps to perk up your home with a traditional look and creates a perfect festive ambience, especially to any corner of the house you feel is feeling left out or looks dull.

2. Kandils

Now, this kandil light is fairly simple but has its own personality. It is a staple for the festival and is widely used and available in lots of variants, colors, shapes, and sizes. You can put this up with other string lights to elegantly sparkle up the space of any corner. It has a multi-purpose use too, meaning you can use it for other occasions or just deck up your space with this simple yet elegant kandil light just as a chandelier. Scroll through the numerous ranges of diwali kandil online and find the best for your house.

3. Modern lamps

From the brigade of hanging lanterns online india, another lamp comes with a touch of modernity. Modern voguish lamps surely will attract the attention of your guests. If you are looking for something extraordinary to light up space, this is surely something you would want to pick, especially if your home decor is modern and suits the contemporary taste.

4. Candles and Candle stands

The lantern online shopping experience is surely worth a try. It also gives you new ideas apart from casual or traditional lanterns. You can try and go for diwali candles or bright candle stands too. The richness and opulence radiating from these multi-candle stands makes them an apt item for Diwali and other important occasions of your home.

So, whatever your choices for the festival are, There are various gifting websites that are sure to give a break from the troubles of shopping for Diwali in the bustling markets of the streets.

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