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divorce lawyers

Our team of professional lawyers is always ready to settle any family disputes and marriage cases amicably. We understand that marriage life will not always be as blissful; thus we are ready to offer you advice, encourage you and guide you on everything that pertains to family law and divorce. Our dedication to exceptional service delivery sets us apart as the best divorce lawyers in Dubai.

Dubai is fast taking center stage, as one of the cities with the highest divorce rates in the Emirates. This is due to its diverse population consisting of the locals, expatriates and foreign investors. Divorce rates are particularly high among the expatriates and the foreign legion, who call Dubai home. Bearing in mind the intricate nature of the UAE law system, finding the best Dubai divorce lawyers is the only viable way of settling a divorce case, amicably.

Enlist International Divorce Lawyers in Dubai

Finding competent divorce lawyers in Dubai can be a frustrating task especially if you do not know the precincts of Dubai. However, at our law firm, our professional lawyers are always ready to attend to all your legal needs. Our services in the line of family law meet international standards. Moreover, we offer our services to the local residents, expatriates, and international clients. We uphold family values and that is why we have also invested in family and marriage counselors who can assist distraught couples come to a settlement.

Our law firm prides itself in professionalism and our proficient lawyers uphold the following expertise:

International Family Law Specialists

We have a team of lawyers who are not only conversant with the UAE marriage law but also an international family law. We offer advice to expatriates and foreigners on a number of international family law issues, including divorce among multinationals, child custody, and maintenance among many others. Our knowledge of local and international family law is unmatched, and we serve clients across the world.

Team of Arabic and English Lawyers

Court proceedings in Dubai are often in the Arabic language. However, in cases involving international clients, the court may bring in an English translator to assist with proceedings. That notwithstanding, our law firm consists of professional lawyers who are conversant in a number of languages including English and Arabic. The fact that we serve international clients means that all our lawyers are conversant in more than one language

Sharia Law Experts

Islam is the predominant religion in Dubai, and Sharia Law prevails in all cases involving Muslim couples. We provide legal counsel on all family and marriage cases involving Sharia Law, making us one of the best divorce Advocates in Dubai.

Prenuptial Agreement

Acquiring a prenuptial agreement in Dubai can be a problem, especially for the citizens, as Sharia Law does not support such arrangements. However, we can arrange for multinational clients to acquire prenuptial agreements, as all our divorce lawyers are proficient in all the laws pertaining to prenuptial arrangements.

In case you are in need of any legal help relating to family law and divorce, please, do not hesitate to contact our readily available support team. The doors to our firm are always open for both local and international clients.

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