How to Divide Spaces to Craft Privacy in an Open Floor Plan?

open floor plan

When you ask someone what their priority is in a custom home, most would agree with the open floor plan concept. There is no denying that a large and gorgeous space is hard to resist when building a custom-made house, you also need your space. 

So, if you are looking for an open floor with designated areas, it would require a bit of planning and plenty of discussions when you choose Okanagan homes for sale. Although the idea of a large open space brings natural light and fresh air inside the house creating distinct areas within the open floor plan is also essential. 

Wondering how to create divisions in an open floor plan? Here is what you need to know:

1. Arrange your furniture carefully

One of the common options to create natural divisions between the living room and the kitchen is arranging the furniture carefully. You can change the existing arrangement of couches and chairs but make sure their backs are placed away from the focal point like the bookcase, fireplace, and television. You can repeat the same thing in other areas of your house like the dining room or kitchen. That way, you will have specific zones in your house easily. 

2. Change the height of the ceiling 

Explore homes for sale in West Kelowna and you are sure to come across the idea of changing the ceiling heights to create separation in open floors. Why don’t you have a vault over the living room or a sloped flat? You will have plenty of ways to define spaces that way. 

3. Choosing area rugs 

You have placed rugs inside your house so many times but placing them for defining areas is a different concept. That is why choose rugs in different shapes, sizes, and colours and place them in areas when you need to separate the family room, the reading corner, or the living space. With colourful rugs, creating a visually-distinct setting would also help in giving a decorative touch to your house. But don’t miss aligning the rugs with the rest of the furniture or the overall decor of the space. 

4. Install a temporary barrier

Has the new home builder in West Kelowna created divisions or designated areas in custom homes? Those barriers may not be permanent and suitable for your home design. How about installing a folding screen, which you can put away elsewhere when you don’t need a division? If you don’t prefer a foldable screen, switch to a decorative metal or wooden divider that appears more permanent and add a decorative accent to different spaces. If you do not recommend your preferences when discussing the features of your custom home, the barriers can also be installed after the completion of the project. 

5. Use greenery 

Ever wondered if greenery can do more than just make the home design sustainable? Adding greenery inside your house creates a natural environment. However, if you add large and leafy plants indoors, designating open spaces becomes easy. For instance, you can separate the living room from the dining area with a small herb garden. The best part of adding green foliage for separation is that it maintains the essence of openness as well. Several Okanagan custom homes focus on greenery to create separate spaces indoors. 

6. Create division with colours 

The idea of using colours to delineate spaces in an open floor plan concept is indeed amazing. But you need to implement the plan correctly and maintain the flexibility that exists in open layouts. All you need is to choose a colour for each space and weave it into artwork, furniture, and the area rugs. Try to avoid using a bold or a solid colour as the plan of separation may drown in the concept. Instead, you must choose colours that resonate with the furniture accents. 

7. Using beams or pillars

Even though beams and pillars are not as effective in blocking sounds and views, they can create separation reasonably well. That way, you will have several designated spaces while still maintaining the basic essence of open layouts where natural light and fresh air are available in plenty.  But you can add a different character to your house. 

Does your home have an open concept? Well, it does not matter whether the house has a fully open concept design or a semi-open design concept. In the end, you need to know what ideas work for your family. Follow these ideas to create startling separations in open layout homes craft your privacy effortlessly and wait to enliven your vision when buying a home.