Ditch Starbucks With these 5 Home Coffee Accessories

There’s nothing quite like the smell of coffee brewing to start your day off on the right foot or perk up in the afternoon. Whether you drink it black, with cream and sugar, or with a variety of flavored syrups, adding some accessories to your coffee-making routine can make your experience even better. Check out these five coffee accessories that will take your caffeine fix to the next level.

Espresso Machine

If you like espresso, lattes, or cappuccinos but haven’t invested in an espresso machine to make them at home, now is the time!

Whether you’re on a budget and want something simple, clean, and easy to use or are willing to spend more money for a barista-quality experience with all the whistles and bells of frothing milk and grinding beans, there’s an option out there that will work for your lifestyle.

coffee syrup pump

There are also many hybrid coffee machines; some can brew drip coffee while simultaneously making espresso shots. If you love diversity when it comes to your caffeinated drinks, these may be worth looking into as well. You’ll save loads of money by brewing your coffee at home rather than buying it out.

French Press

If you like your coffee brewed a certain way, with a robust flavor and lots of body, the French press might be the brewing method for you. This device uses a plunger to push coarsely ground coffee down to the bottom of a glass or ceramic pot, where it steeps in hot water for four minutes before being pressed.

The result is a robust and flavorful cup that’s perfect for those who like their caffeine fix black. There are many different sizes and shapes of French presses on the market these days; some even come with built-in thermometers so you can make sure your water is heated to just the right temperature every time.

Coffee Grinder

Grinding your beans at home before brewing makes a huge difference if you want the freshest coffee possible. Coffee is most flavorful when it’s ground right before using; pre-ground coffee starts to lose flavor after about fifteen minutes of exposure to air.

A burr grinder is preferable because it grinds beans more evenly than blade grinders, but if you have no desire to shell out for one (they usually cost a bit more), that’s okay too. You can still get fresh-tasting coffee from your blade grinder as long as you use it frequently and keep up with cleaning it regularly so old grounds don’t make their way into future pots.

Coffee Mug Warmer

Have you ever made coffee, poured yourself a cup, and then gotten distracted? Later on, when you go back for more, it’s cold or lukewarm at best. With this handy gadget that plugs into the wall near your coffee maker or desk and keeps your drink warm with an internal heating element, you’ll never have to worry about that again.

It has various settings so you can choose how hot you want your beverage to be kept, just like an electric blanket but smaller in size. This would make an excellent gift for anyone who likes their coffee piping hot throughout the day-long after they’ve made it fresh out of the pot.

Syrup Pump

If you like flavored coffee, whether it be Irish cream or hazelnut, or something else entirely, buying individual bottles of syrup can get expensive. This coffee syrup pump attaches directly to the bottle and dispenses just a dash at a time with each press.

It’s perfect for making your custom lattes in the morning before work and saves on costs that would otherwise go toward buying drinks from Starbucks every day. The pump works great with other syrups besides coffee flavors. Try using some chocolate sauce on ice cream sundaes for an extra treat after dinner.

Final Thoughts

Brewing your coffee at home is a great way to save money and customize your caffeine fix however you like it. With so many different gadgets, machines, and brewing methods available on the market these days, there’s something for each and everyone when it comes to making coffee at home. Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned pro, using some of these accessories can make the procedure even easier and more enjoyable.