How To Disable Google Assistant In Android


Google assistant is a feature by Google which helps users to perform task on voice command. If you are the person who thinks Google assistance is use less or in case you want to disable Google assistant then this post will end your search.

Google assistant is like iPhone siri, a virtual assistant which perform task. This feature by Google provides you the function to do work on your voice command. Over the years, Google assistant is so much improved that it cannot only show you the search results of the asked things but also allows you the ability to open apps and perform certain tasks.

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Here are some of the examples of what Google assistant can do on voice command. It can “Call the person you want”, “Type a whatsapp message or text message”,” create an alarm for you, Search the thing that you asked for” and many more.

When you are in hurry or want to accesses some apps, Google assistant annoys you as you are pressing home button to minimize apps and as this is the shortcut to open Google assistant, it opens. If you are annoyed by this and want to disable Google assistant then follow the below steps.

Method to disable Google assistant

Firstly open Google app and click on the three-dot button to open options

Now click on setting and then tap on Google Assistant to open Google assistant settings

Now tap on General to open Google assistant general setting.

[fig google assistant home button]

[fig I turn off Google Assistant Home button]

Toggle off the Google assistant and then tap on Turn Off to give final confirmation

[fig Method to disable Google assistant]

[fig turn off google assistant]

In this way, you can  disable Google assistant in Android. This was the method to turn off Google assistant, but we have  to Disable Google Assistant from Home Button on Android.

How do I turn off Google Assistant Home button?

Unlock your android phone and open phone settings.

Now scroll and tap on Additional settings

Now tap on button shortcuts to open button settings

Here you will see  Launch Google Assistant settings, open it to configure it

[fig home button andorid phone]

Here you will find different options to configure Google assistant launch, select none.

In this way, you can turn on/off Google assistant from home button

FAQ (turn on/off Google assistant from home button)

How can I open Google Assistant by pressing home button?

To open Google assistant, you need to configure it and to do it, you need to open button setting and select long press home button.

How do I get rid of the long press Home button on Google Assistant?

To turn off long press home button of google assistant, you need to open button setting and select none.

Can you disable the Google Assistant button?

Yes, it is possible to disable Google assistant button. We can firstly disable google assistant from the Google assistant settings and then turn off Google assistant launch from long press home button.

Wrapping Up

This was the detailed tutorial on how to disable Google assistant in android phone. If you have any doubt following the tutorial then feel free to use comment section, we will help you to fix it. In case you have any other suggestion or want us to cover any other topic then feel free to use comment section.

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