diploma in logistic

The logistic management diploma is an integrated course in which students learn about business development skills, marketing statistics, and the basics of finance, business communication, marketing, business operations, and HR. This is an integrated course that covers concepts of modern supply chain management and concepts about logistics. The demand in the logistic sector has been increasing due to an increase in new business techniques implemented on a daily basis.

diploma in logistic

This course helps the students to concentrate on becoming more committed toward becoming a leader and improving their communication skills. The diploma holders in logistics get opportunities to work in FMCG companies, aviation sectors, engineering firms, shipping companies, etc.

Who can be the right fit for a Diploma in Logistic Management?

To apply for a diploma in logistic management, candidates must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  1. You should have completed +2 / ITI / Polytechnic / Diploma Engineers.
  2. Fresh graduates in any discipline with 1-3 years of experience can also apply for this program.
  3. You should be of minimum of 17 years of age at the time of admission.

However, the eligibility norms at different institutions may vary.   

MBA in Supply Chain Management – Course Overview

The MBA in logistics and supply chain management helps to understand how to plan, control, and implement reverse and forward of the goods and services. Candidates can pursue this two years program after completing graduation from a recognised University. The two years program covers a total of four semesters (two semesters each year). This course helps in making strategic decisions related to the supply chain management by the managerial staff. It comprises the matter of warehousing, inventory management, storage, customer service, supplies, etc.

Why choose an MBA in Supply Chain Management?

The scope of work in logistics is increasing day by day. After opting for an MBA in Supply Chain Management candidates will learn customer dealing and manufacturing units. The course helps the students to learn all the functions of the supply chain and logistic management. Nowadays, due to globalization, almost all businesses need logistics mechanism. This course helps the students to understand all the functions of logistics. After pursuing this course, candidates can get a job as a business manager, logistic coordinator, supply chain manager, commercial manager, warehouse manager, etc. The job can be at any stage, from product manufacturing to delivery.

Growth prospects with supply chain management

Supply chain management is an ever-growing field – there is no denying this fact. It is primarily considered the e-commerce sector’s lifeblood, where the entire business depends on the supply chain. If the chain breaks, the whole delivery system collapses. Apart from e-commerce, the supply chain has a vital role in the smooth delivery of goods at manufacturing units. It is responsible for all activities, right from procuring material from vendors to the placement of end-products in the market. Hence, it is undeniable that supply chain management is bound to grow in the future and generate future-proof career options. 

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