Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles – Learn Different Ways

lehenga dupatta draping

Your entire lehenga look depends on the type of dupatta drape that you choose. The lehenga is incomplete without a dupatta and draping it in the right style gives you a super stunning look. There are irresistible ways in which you can drape the dupatta. The stole or dupatta is made from different fabrics which usually includes net, georgette and chiffon that has a flowy and voluminous appeal. 

lehenga dupatta draping

Different Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles  

If we go through the list of dupatta draping styles then there are many. You just need to drape the style in which you are completely comfortable and the one which looks best on you. So let’s check out some of the draping styles that are amazing. 

1. Pin Up at the Head 

If your lehenga blouse is beautifully embellished and you don’t want to hide it with the dupatta then the only thing you need to do is to pin it on the head. And leave it open from both the shoulders. This will showcase your entire lehenga and will give a perfect appeal. It is one of the lovely styles for brides as they always prefer to keep the pallu on head. 

2. Saree Style Drape

Another one is a saree draping style. The saree style pallu hanging on the left shoulder and draped once on the waist gives a mesmerizing look to the wearer. It gives a complete saree appeal. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid this draping style is going to look perfect on everyone. Pair some accessories and complete the overall lehenga look.   

3. Double Dupatta Drape

One of the most trending and adoring dupatta draping styles is the double dupatta drape. Nowadays the lehenga is available with double dupattas from which one is draped in pallu style and another is pinned on the head. This draping style gives a tremendous bridal look. A net dupatta detailed with pretty embroidery and laces looks the best. There are tons of styles in double dupatta, finding a matching style dupatta with embroidery and laces can be easy. If you search on browser dupatta wholesale,you will find many trending styles of dupatta at different prices with fabric. It’s easy to select the best dupatta designs if you have many options that are available online nowadays.

4. Suit-style Drape

Draping the dupatta with pleats and wrinkles at the front is the suit dupatta style. Pleating it on one shoulder and then pinning the corner on another shoulder gives a breathtaking appeal. Use half of the dupatta for pleating and the other half for pinning on the head. This drape keeps it easy and breezy as well as gives an exemplary appeal.   

5. Gujarati Front Pallu Drape

This one is mostly popular among Gujarati brides as it is the traditional drape of Gujarat. It is the front pallu style which is pinned up on the right shoulder and the second half of the pallu is left hanging on the back with one corner tucked at the waist. Dupatta at the back can be kept as it is or can be pinned on the head as per your wish. 

6. Waist-belt Style Drape

The modern brides and bridesmaids opt for this unique and stylish drape that looks more interesting when a matching belt is added to it. For a gleaming appeal just pleat the pallu and pin it on the shoulder. After that put a matching belt on the waist and get a more eligible appearance while you wear this amazing attire. You can also add the belt with a saree style pallu.     

7. Cowl Lehenga Drape

Another modish drape is the cowl dupatta lehenga drape. It can be your engagement party drape or reception party drape which will give you a diva appeal. You should definitely try it for a voguish appeal. This draping style will make you look out of the box and will help you gather thousands of compliments at the party or function.  

8. Veil Style Dupatta Drape

The Christian veil style dupatta draping adds magical beauty to your lehenga look. The Rajput brides and Christan brides specially opt for this veil draping in which they hide their face with a transparent dupatta or stole. In simpler words it is a ghoonghat and a tradition of the Hindu culture. This one will really provide an impressive bridal look for your dream day.    

9. Keep it on the Arms

If your dupatta is made of a lightweight fabric and is soft and smooth in touch then you can just put it on the arms and get a stunning appearance. It is also the right one when you are in a hurry, everyone is waiting for you and you don’t have time to get ready then this one is the best option. Take the same length on both the shoulders and leave it loose from the back for a perfectly gorgeous appeal.  

10. One-side Dupatta Drape

The elegant and graceful drape which is everyone’s favorite is the one sided dupatta drape. Whether you have a net dupatta or a georgette dupatta just tuck it one the left shoulder with the help of a pin. This draping style saves your time as you don’t need to pleat it or adjust it from anywhere. Just pick it and pin it. This drape will even give you a free and easy movement. 

11. Keep it around the Neck

One more is the girly feel drape in which you just keep the dupatta on the shoulders around the neck. You should try this drape when your dupatta is not heavily embroidered. If it is embellished with tiny pearls and diamonds along with curved borders then choosing this one is the best. If your dupatta is slippery then secure it with a pin on the shoulder and if it is not slippery then it will stay on the shoulder. 

End Note

Here are just a few options, there are many more options to look for. You can choose any one of them and another thing is that you can also choose one which suits you the most. It can be a particular pattern which looks perfect on you depending on your body type.  

Apart from all this you also need to take care of the makeup and accessories which you are going to wear on it so that you can get an overall complete look. 

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