5 Different Types of Vises and Their Uses

5 Different Types of Vises and Their Uses

A vice clamp, a typical mechanical gadget that is utilized to hold a work piece fixed, is a fundamental device in numerous carpentry, metalworking, and other assembling applications. Bench tight clamps, specifically, append straightforwardly to a workbench to hold the work piece during tasks, for example, sawing, planing, and boring. A table vice is a little and compact gadget which can be immediately clasped to any helpful work surface. This kind of vice contrasts from others on the grounds that, in contrast to design’s and multi-reason indecencies, it isn’t for all time dashed down to a workbench. Clamp or portable vice are other names used for it. There are many other uses of different types of vises, let’s take a look at a few of them.

Woodwork Vice

The bench vice is most commonly used for woodworks. These are made up of several different components. With a screw mechanism the jaws of the vice secures the work piece in one place which makes it easier to work with. Depending on the particular application the jaws can be made of wood, plastic, or metal.

The thing with bench vice is that we do not directly need to attach them to a bench as long as as long as it is attached to a stable surface it will work whether it be the bench or side of the bench. Bench vises can also vary depending on certain factors like durability, strength etc. jaws of the bench vice get worn out over time and may need to be replaced.

Pipe Vice

In order to hold pipes or tubing securely in one place during plumbing, pipe vices come in handy. Pipes from 2mm to 200mm can be held by pipe vices. You can attach them to a work bench or a tripod stand that is mobile. Any projects that takes place outside the workshops may include pipe vices. The can also be folded so these are easy to carry and sometimes you might need to use more than one for along pipe. 

Vacuum Vice

Some models of table vice can also have vacuum base. There is a lever operated suction at the bottom of the base that helps it attach securely to any work piece or surface. They are used for light weight duties. These vice are also portable in nature which means that they can be attached to any flat surface. These are mostly used in woodworks or metal works. 

Handheld Vice

If you are working with small work pieces handheld vice would be a better choice. One feature of these vices is that they are portable and you can carry them everywhere also they can be used any time whenever you need it. It fasten onto a bench or table vice in order to hold the pieces tight. It is a light weight version as compared to other vices.

Clamp-on Vice 

Most models of table vice are fitted with a fundamental screw clip, making them versatile and equipped for clasping to any helpful work surface or table top. To utilize the vice, the essential cinch is turned until it has a solid hold on a work surface and stays safely set up.

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