10 Different Types of Harness

types of harness

Harness is an important piece of equipment in the PPE (personal protective equipment), it helps to protect against a fall from height. The harness is one of the essential physical tools that usually work to protect against falls, injury to any body part, and consequences of falling. 

Types of Harness

Many types of harnesses can give full-body protection to the body, and some are specific for a body part like a chest harness. Based on their types and synthetic material they have different costs and provide different levels of Harness. The most used harness is a general-purpose or multi-purpose harness. Now it is time to move on different types of harness

Point Harness

These are designed for workers who work at a height and need to move from one point to another. These are some of the most common safety harness types and allow movement. They are cost-effective and available easily, when you are required to remove a strip, you can simply disconnect from it. 

Other benefits of safety harnesses are turning movement and flexible strips. These are specific for working at heights with safe movement. 

Tower climbing Harness

This harness is for safe climbing at heights and provides special benefits like hanging at heights. The special mechanism of tower climbing harnesses is made up of a D-ring and padded strips. These harnesses have the following safety points: 

  • Dorsal D-ring
  • Padded straps at legs and shoulders
  • Front attachment 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Quick release Buckles 

These are known for fall arrest and enhanced mobility of the body. There are multiple attachment points with adjustable strips. 

Multipurpose Harness

These harnesses have a simple look but are extremely safe for every kind of work. They are aged for climbing, moving, adjusting at heights, and hanging at heights. It is also used in professional and educational systems for example if any individual wants to learn mountain climbing. 

A harness with straps and buckles

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Chest Harness

These harnesses have a small difference in safety mechanism, they provide extra safety to the upper part of the body. It is made up of durable material and material can withstand wear and tear conditions. They apply to various services: 

  • Rope access work
  • Industrial maintenance 
  • Confined space entry
  • Tree climbing and Arboriculture.

Work positioning harness

It is a maximum comfortable binding harness with adjustable steps and padded a seat for giving a comfortable position. It also provides extra safety for the legs and supports around the waist. Optional. Shoulder straps have also been added to the latest model. You can use these harnesses for safe climbing and for waiting work at height. 

A person climbing a metal structure

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Construction full body harness

These harnesses are used by construction workers and give safety from different appliances like roofing, scaffolding, bridge construction, and concrete work. Electricians and telecom workers also use this safety harness.

They are provided with multiple attachment points and adjustable straps with a fall-arrest system. Additional adherence and safety regulations are added by these construction harnesses. 

confined space Harness

It is used for rescue purposes either for an animal or a human being. Mostly it is an emergency for any rescue, and it is designed like a special belt given for extra safety and a tight belt system for the waist. Another benefit is quick-release buckles, it is also considered as full body harness which gives protection to all over body. 

seat Harness

These are designed for professional use, and they are maintained with safety tests and relevant standards to meet all needs of the user. There are various types of seat harnesses like carabiners, Ascenders, and descenders. 

You will get a right to position to work and to have extra safety while working on a narrow lane height. Also, help in climbing and moving. s

Retrieval harness

It is provided with proper sizing to meet all safety standards, straps with confined space to help rescuers, and quick-connect buckles for easy doffing and donning. They’re prepared for emergency services and all kinds of rescues. 

Workers who work at long tanks and sewer maintenance generally use these harnesses. The chemical industry and water maintenance department also have this kind of harness. It has retrieval lines that are comfortable for extended use. 

Rope access harness

When you must work like a hanging man in the air you can Go for a ripe access harness. It has adjustable straps with strong attachments in the back and front parts. They meet all regulation of safety guidelines provided by the government. 

You can have extra safety with the help of rings and attachments provided in the rope access harness. It is one of the major fall protection equipment with multiple needs. 

A person wearing a safety harness and a hard hat

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It is important to choose a safety harness to work according to the safety guidelines. It is not necessary that one harness type to deliver you all kinds of services, so choose wisely. Move to the consideration application of one kind of harness and purchase them from Indian Innovatix. Do not be ignorant of workers’ safety guidelines, it will be harmful to both owner and workers. Check all the usability stuff in the services of the Indian Innovatix and move for a safe adventure. 

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