Remodeling and renovation are two common confusing words you’ll come across in home improvement projects. In fact these are two important categories of projects that need Architecture engineering firms and structure engineering firms. Most individuals use these words to refer to one thing, and others use the terms to mean any house construction project.

However, to “remodel” and to “renovate” refer to two different cases. In this post, we’ll let you know the primary difference between remodeling and renovation.

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Main Difference between “To Renovate” And “To Remodel”

Generally, “to remodel” is a more significant project that entails constructing and even changing a space’s purpose and layout. When you renovate, you update the finishes and keep the original space/room as intended.

How big the space changes go is the primary difference between “to renovate” and “to remodel.” Under renovation, you use cosmetic changes to update your current structure. On the other hand, remodeling means changing the building structure via construction and demolition.


Let’s explain renovation or home renovation by focusing on renovating a bathroom. Here, renovating a bathroom can involve painting or changing the fixtures, counters, and more to give it a fresh look. Also, a bathroom renovation can involve adding new floors, fixing water leaks, and more.

As you can see, bathroom renovation does not interfere with the bathroom walls and pipes. Also, this renovation does not interfere with the room’s layout and overall purpose.

Other Crucial Things about Renovation

Other crucial things to note about home renovation is that:

  • Renovation costs less because you don’t the room’s purpose or major structures.
  • Renovation is a more DIY-friendly process. You’ll find it more hassle-free to make all the cosmetic changes instead of tearing down walls – which is more challenging.
  • Renovation takes less time.
  • Renovation may require going for or not going for a permit, depending on what you want to renovate.
  • Renovation cannot change your room’s purpose or add anything to your house.


A remodeling case involves changing more. For example, let’s consider a small-sized half bathroom that you plan to convert to a full bathroom featuring a shower.

This situation will require you to move and add pumping, take down walls and add new ones. Also, the process will require you to complete the construction and add the finishing touches.

As you can see, remodeling costs more because it goes beyond the surface changes. It requires you to construct some things, alter the layouts, move the plumbing work, move the wiring work, and much more.

Let remodeling be your perfect option if you’re looking for an excellent solution to your house’s poor design. Consider going for remodeling because renovation can’t solve issues, like when water freezes every night because the kitchen water supply lines are fixed in the house’s exterior wall.

Other Crucial Things about Remodeling

Other crucial things to note about remodeling is that:

  • Remodeling works well for all the larger projects.
  • Remodeling can cost a lot.
  • Remodeling makes it easy to get the spaces and layouts you need.
  • Remodeling needs the services of expert contractors.
  • Remodeling needs a permit in several cases.
  • Remodeling costs less compared to purchase a new house.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Generally, home renovation needs less money than home remodeling because home renovation projects entail updating/repairing the primary features. Therefore, renovation projects have a better return on investment than remodeling.

Home remodeling projects have a lower return on investment because upgrades increase the building’s value, even if it’s an office building or just a home. Statistics show that renovation projects, like home re-siding, fetch around 98 percent net return on investment.

Final Thoughts

Now, do you need to go for remodeling or renovation? Worry no more! You need to first contact an architecture engineering firm and structural engineering firm and ask them about your request. You may also often need a full permit set designthat includes Architecture, Structure and MEP design. In such a case the best option would be to find a firm that can offer all this services. Such firms can be easily find by searching on the internet. For the state of Californiain order to find firms that do home renovation CA, you can search for Structural engineering firms in Californiaor structural engineering services CA to find the firm that best suits your requirements.For example, S3DA Design is one of the firms that offer all three services, i.e., provides architecture, structure and MEP designs servicesfor home renovation in CA and some other states. You can contact such firms to get updates on the right option to go for, expected outcome, timeline, and price. You may also decide to find an experience contractor to do this job for you.

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