Did Hitler Die in World War II?

world war 2

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria. Hitler became introvert and detached in his childhood after the death of his youngest brother. The early interest in German nationalism against Austria-Hungry was the turning point of his career. He was awarded a bravery model in the world war I while serving for the German army. 

After world war I, Hitler got more power and became a supreme commander of the army. In 1945 Germany lost the battle and surrendered un-conditionally against soviet. Hitler wasn’t found in his room and was declared escaped by the Soviet government. The man who got famous for his cruelty and discipline got a mysterious death. 

Conspiracy Theory 

There were many conspiracy theories about Hitler’s death. The dead body of Hitler wasn’t found from his room. This let many rumors and theories to come out. The Soviet leader Joseph Stalin told in the press release that Hitler was living in Spain or Argentina. The conflict on the death of Hitler remained an unsolved mystery. 

Top Viral Theories

The conspiracy theories about the corpse of Hitler got viral in the whole world. 51% of people living in America presumed that Hitler was still alive in 1947. Some of the top theories that go viral are 

Hitler Fearlessly Died in Battle:

Most of the people believe that Hitler died in the battle. The reason may be the speech of the German admiral. He told the nation that Hitler is no more. This was the time where the German soldiers were still fighting and soviet haven’t got control all over Germany. This narrative was also described in the book “The death of Hitler”. The book was based on the belief of most of the people. The word Hero with Hitler got viral and Nazi (Hitler armed Force) didn’t let the truth to come out. 

Did Hitler Survived:

Many people believe that Hitler lived and didn’t quit. He was smart enough to fool the soviet. There were many reports published in the newspaper saying that Hitler is living in France. Rumors were spread about the Hitler that he is working in alphas, some reports also told that Hitler is hiding in a cave. These reports make the public confused about Hitler’s death. The mass-confusion about Hitler’s death was politically useful for Russians. The newspaper was filled out with the misleading information and many Books on Hitler got viral. 

Hitler Escaped through Submarine:

The daily mail comes up with the new theory that told the secret escape of Hitler. The story told that Hitler didn’t die he got aware of his defeat 2 days earlier. The two corpses were dressed the same as Hitler to misguide the soviet. Three days before his purported death he escaped. The story got interesting when the daily mail told that he escaped from a secret tunnel at midnight. He went through Berlin and flew away to Spain. In the end, he went to South America by submarine and lives peacefully. This theory gets more famous giving a concept of an action movie without any solid evidence. 

Hitler Changes his name to Schüttelmayor:

This is one of the good theory that highlights the things with reports conducted by highly trusted agencies. Soviet Government confirmed the U-shaped German submarine was missing in the world war II. The theory was based on the CIA report which confirmed that many Nazi soldiers escaped to South America and Hitler was amongst them. In 1995, Hitler got identified in a picture sitting next to a former-German SS trooper. There were many information gathered that were indicating the presence of Hitler in Colombia.

The city was overpopulated with the former Nazi soldiers. As per the investigating officer, Hitler was known as “Der Fuhrer” and was honored by those who knew his reality. The officers were forced to shut down the case or to give solid proofs. Schüttelmayor or Fuhrer or Hitler or whoever he was set free and the file were closed. The elements presented in this theory made vaguely plausible that Hitler lived or stayed in Colombia. 

Hitler living In Antartic Base:

The theorist claims that Actually, Hitler didn’t reach South-America. He moved to a secret Antartic base. The people also believed that Hitler lived in a secret base in Antarctica until the British and Americans didn’t test the nuclear bomb. Some of them also believed that it was the ashes of Hitler that were dropped by the Nazi officers. The Francis researcher also claimed that they have the bones of Hitler’s dead body. The story goes on with the additions and was totally based on assumptions. There wasn’t single evidence that could prove any part of this theory. 

Hitler On Moon:

In world war II, a UFO or flying saucer was seen by a few Soviet soldiers. The Nazi German scientist got successful in making a super aircraft that could be used to harras the soldiers. The theory revolves around the aircraft. Numerous scientist wrote that the latest missiles and aircraft were under construction when the Soviet capture Germany. Some of the theories said that Germany secretly made a spacecraft that could land on the moon. The spacecraft was the gift from aliens as per the belief of some people. The theory relates that the aircraft was used by Hitler to reach on the moon. Although, the scientist and researchers weren’t able to give evidence. 

These theories were very popular around the world. People weren’t able to find the truth. In certain circles, the Hitler death was discussed as a poison given to him by a betrayed soldier. The hidden secrets about the death of Hitler didn’t get officially addressed. Many movies and books were written on this vital issue. The published articles in newspapers were more popular in that era. Many historical books were sale outpointing the death of Hitler.

Scientist Research

The scientist investigates the stories and rumors to find the exact truth. The un-sufficient materials give an end to the theories. The lack of evidence made everyone assumed the things that were not the actual ground reality. The possibilities were that Soviet or the soldiers buried the dead bodies of both Hitler and his wife or set them on fire. 

Scientist and researchers took special permission from the Russians to inspect the bullet shot and the preserved teeth of Hitler. According to the researchers, the teeth genuinely belonged to Hitler. They also found that bullet was also the same by calculating the years. The European general medicine published the research paper of Charles. He told that Hitler died in 1945 according to their proven researches. His research paper rejected the assumption of viral theories. 

Truth That Was Hidden

No one discussed the hidden truth about the death of Hitler. The Soviet who was the first one to enter the bunker didn’t tell the actual information in the press release. The misleading information by different officers and a local journalist was the main cause of this mystery. The truth was the suicide of Hitler with his newly married wife. Hitler didn’t want to get arrested by Jews who were impure souls according to him. He knew that Soviet won’t leave him and will give him a remarkable punishment. The Soviet capture the body when the Nazi’s were planning to set the body on fire. The theories and reports given by many trusted agencies were actually the assumptions. Hitler actually died in the world war II which was the only truth. This secret was used by the Russians to gain political benefits around the region. 

Hitler killed more than 1 million Jews in the UK which let the countries to think about their stability. The actual mission was to capture Hitler alive. The Soviet win the battle but loses its mission. Hitler in his will clearly told that he didn’t want to get arrested by impure souls. He died on April 30 in 1945 Burlin Germany. 
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