banarasi saree

The Banarasi saree is one of India’s most ornate and beautiful clothes, worn for important occasions and weddings across the country. A Banarasi saree has an unrivalled look. The six yards of handwoven silk are ideal for brides, bridesmaids, and even loners like us who attend these weddings. After all, it is one of the most renowned designer silk sarees! You should wear one this wedding season! Allow us to help you choose a Banarasi saree with plenty of options available.

Which colour of Banarasi saree is best?

While we don’t play favourites, we can’t deny that certain colours are only appropriate for Banarasi sarees. We think the red banarasi saree, blue banarasi saree, hot pink banarasi saree, and green banarasi saree are the best.

As a result, we’ve prepared a series of designer Banarasi saree in vibrant colours that will draw all eyes to you. Sit back and relax if you don’t know what saree to wear. We’ve got you covered. Ladies, take note!

1. Blue Banarasi Saree

The beauty of a Banarasi saree would make you the centre of attention.

Pair it with: A beige or golden blouse will look stunning with the blue saree. You can tie a knot bun or a messy bun. We wouldn’t recommend wearing heavy jewellery, just a pair of polki earrings and a ring. To round out the accessories, a dainty rose gold watch. With your golden platform heels, you’re set to go!

2. Maroon Saree

The maroon colour is pretty striking. A maroon banarasi saree comes to mind when we think of a bridal-style banarasi saree. This Banarasi saree would look great on any bride!

Pair it with: A 3/4th sleeve or sleeveless blouse that matches your saree colour. This maroon Banarasi saree would look lovely with a fine set of bridal jewellery. Please provide a pair of golden heels to adorn the feet. Gajra-covered hair in a bun and don’t forget to accessorise with some gold bangles.

3. Parrot Green Saree

Due to its distinctive colour, the parrot green Banarasi saree will immediately catch anyone’s attention. We can’t decide whether we prefer the brocade or the pallu more!

Pair it with: Would your Banarasi saree look complete without some high-quality makeup? We recommend naked lipstick, Smokey eyes with dramatic eyelashes, and some blush to emphasise your cheeks. Why not select the same shade of green for the blouse instead of a contrasting one, like cobalt blue? It will appear understated but appealing. Once again, no jewellery. Gold studs, a bracelet, and a ring will suffice. You could also wear a long temple necklace. Don’t forget to bring a golden clutch!

4. Hot Pink Saree

We all adore Bollywood actresses that wear sarees, so don’t try to hide it. The heartbeat of every teenager in the 1990s, Shilpa Shetty, the heartbeat of every 90’s kid, proves our earlier point. Her Banarasi saree outfit in hot pink is stunning!

Pair it with: What should you wear with a Banarasi saree and a gajra? We never thought a gajra and a hot pink saree would work well together, but this stunning combination really blew us away. So go ahead and adorn your hair with a gorgeous gajra. A pair of decent silver jhumkas and a bracelet is enough. Keep your makeup as minimal as possible. The blouse could have a collar, a v-neck, and golden motifs on the sleeves. Wear this pink banarasi saree with strappy flats or golden heels. Perfecto!


Remember to take proper care of your Banarasi saree after purchasing it. It must be dry cleaned, wrapped in muslin cloth, and kept in a cold, dark place. You must also make certain that it does not come into contact with cloth moths.

A designer Banarasi saree looks great in every season, function, or year. There are many different varieties of sarees, but none are more classic than the Banarasi!

By Anurag Rathod

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