DesignCap lets you protect yourself from the 2019-Coronavirus

DesignCap lets

At the end of 2019, the new Coronavirus was discovered in a city around the world. During this time, everyone even panicked.. When people hear about this virus, they become pale in color only when they hear the virus’s name, and they feel terrified because they all know the harm of this virus.

All over the world, people have been preparing and responding to Covid-19 pandemic. They know that the virus can spread to everyone in any country or society. People all over the world have taken effective measures to prevent the further spread of the disease. In this context, DesignCap, as a graphic design company, has also joined the fight and made its own contribution.

What is DesignCap? 

DesignCap is a powerful yet easy-to-use online graphic design tool that’s suitable for all types of design tasks, from timelines to presentations and social media arts to infographics and more. It also provides users with an extensive collection of images, icons, fonts, and other resources. 

This is for non-designers. You won’t have the kind of control provided with some of the other tools found on many different menus, but I promise you will be able to create an infographic in at least 10 minutes. DesignCap offers predefined templates optimized for social sharing on the web. It’s a simple drag and drop interface, and you can access millions of images. 

What efforts are you making to curb the panic of Covid-19? 

During Covid-19, the DesignCap team is making efforts to provide people with several designs for telling common sense of Covid-19, protecting yourself from panic, knowledge about health prevention, prevention of Covid-19, control of experience, propaganda, etc. I hope he knows more. More Covid-19 people are moving forward with courage. Let’s see some Covid-19 designs at DesignCap. 

Posters – “Closed” 

Who says stickers are only used when the door is open. It can also be used when the business is temporarily closed due to some difficult things like Covid-19. Here are many “closed” poster designs from DesignCap. 

Untitled - Made with DesignCap (4)

Infographic – Precautions 

Besides the Coronavirus stickers, DesignCap offers a series of infographics on protecting yourself from infection; What to do if you are ill. How to protect yourself from Covid-19; Coronavirus schedule; You can use DesignCap Infographic Maker to create your own infographics to ask people to defend themselves from panic. 

Stay at home posts on Instagram.

Places with a large number of people create dangerous situations for the transmission of the Coronavirus, so stay home, especially if you are not feeling better. This avoids exposing people in school and work to illness. 

Facebook post – other ways to protect yourself 

This form of coronavirus infection is through droplets expelled when coughing and sneezing. It is recommended to wear a mask and to avoid shaking hands, and stay away from others so that your body does not come into contact with these potentially infected particles. 

Take care of yourself. 

Include some designs for Coronavirus in DesignCap. Many Coronavirus designs are waiting for you to spread ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from this panic. Please take care of yourself and your family and everyone around you! 

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