How To Design The Most Stylish Bathroom Ever

People couldn’t imagine that even a bathroom could look luxurious and ravishing decades ago. If you can transform a living room into a dazzling and totally chic space, you can do the same with a bathroom. You should not overlook your bathroom if you strive to create a more glamorous look in the entire house. Here are some fantastic remodelling ideas to design and create a modern and stylish bathroom.

Select the perfect layout

It goes without saying that even your bathroom should look and feel cozy, serene, and maximally glamorous at the same time. And in order to make that happen, you have to look at the bigger picture and get the bathroom layout right. Nowadays, there is numerous bathroom layout design to choose from, and the trick is to pick the one that will suit the apparel of your bathroom the most. When you start remodelling, you would need to determine and segregate wet and dry areas in the bathroom, then carefully determine where you would place the shower or a tub. Zone out those areas with a curtain or a specific partition like a neat shower screen. Once you separate the wet and dry areas, you would avoid any accidents, enhance the design of your bathroom, and control the humidity.

Opt for sophisticated (and smart) bathroom accessories

white ceramic bathtub near brown wooden cabinet

Like many other people, you need to have an appropriate and practical storage area to place all your bathroom amenities. If you were to get quality bathroom accessories, like soap dispensers or hand driers, you don’t want them to lie forgotten in some drawer. A cosmopolitan idea is to go for an open-plan bathroom design, and have open shelving compartments where you would place sophisticated boxes and store all your things in a discreet and elegant way. When renovating, aim to replace any dated towel and toilet roll rails with new stainless silver ones. Next, you can go for classy wall cabinets which never go out of style, but you can also use practical bathroom vanity units and have everything concealed. Don’t be stingy when it comes to inserting bathroom accessories, and always aim to get quality items.

Add lush greeneries and other nature-inspired elements

black plastic bottle on white table

If you are not keen on an open-plan, all-white, sterile, and cold bathroom, then you can create a thoroughly nature-inspired bathroom that still retains contemporary features. Instead of going for grey or plain off-beat white tiles, create a warm and inviting bathroom design by placing brownish tiles instead or painting the walls in creamy hues. When it comes to other decorative items, you don’t have to stick to minimalism style but go for modern empty frames, fun paddles, and candles. Also, don’t forget to contrast the design by inserting lush greeneries that purify the air. Other minimal decorative natural elements like wood and stone are enough to revive this look.

Update the entire sanitary ware

One of the easiest, but probably one of the most costly ways to upscale the outlook of your bathroom is to ditch the old and run-down toilets, sinks, washbasins, and baths and replace them with fresh new ones. Even if this endeavour is relatively expensive, it would effectively contribute to having a marvellous bathroom. If you used to have a simple and tedious shower, replace it with an elegant and chic free-standing marble bath and glossy white washbasin. Replacing all other sanitary ware and inserting new and flashy bathroom amenities. This will greatly impact the look of your bathroom. If you want to go all-in and if you have more money to spare, you could go for see-through glass basins or install fabulous granite stone basins.

Install meticulous lighting fixtures

round brown wicker basket

Having appropriate light can completely transform a room, and just imagine how grandiose and elegant a petite bathroom would look when you add meticulous light. Perfect lighting fixtures can make a small bathroom look big but not only that, it could illuminate the right areas and put focus on them to outline their perfection. Very often, bathrooms feature only one plain overhead or vanity light, but if you were to add multiple light sources and evenly illuminate areas over the vanity, shower, and cabinets, you would nicely show off each part of the bathroom. Contrast the design by placing glamorous and decorative ceiling fixtures such as a chandelier as the overall lighting. And make sure that you remove heavy window treatments to get as much natural light as possible.

Place elegant mirrors

A mirror plays a vital role in the bathroom. It can be the first thing a guest sees when he or she enters the room, so hanging a dazzling mirror is the way to go. You don’t just want to have a big mirror, you have to have an eye-catching one. Having a bombastic mirror that will create a major impression means investing a few bucks. Look for a round mirror or a mirror with an unusual shape, make sure it has a fancy, metallic or rustic frame, or seek something antique and vintage. If you have to stay on a specific budget, you could visit some thrift shops or flea markets, and you would undoubtedly find something fabulous.

Modernize the tiles 

One feature that you simply mustn’t neglect is the tiles. Tiles can either make or break the overall design of your bathroom. Therefore, if you were to only change the tiles in your bathroom, you would make an instant and significant transformation. Anybody who strives to modernize the look of their bathroom should only pay attention to a few items. For instance, if you have simple and light-coloured walls, go for multi-coloured and bold patterned tiles. Also, if you have a more vivacious wall paint, opt to place single-coloured tiles. When you wish to design the most stylish bathroom, you need to think about the space, and replacing the old tiles with a combination of alluring ones will certainly make a difference.

Don’t hesitate to play with hues, insert your personal touch, or even copy-paste entire bathroom apparel from some home-decor magazine. With the above-mentioned tips and a little bit of imagination, you can easily design the bathroom of your dreams.

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