Design High Custom Made Jewelry Pieces

Custom Made Jewelry Pieces

Custom-made jewelry is a hot trend and your way forward if you are looking for uniqueness. Whether you are in the process of betrothing someone special or planning for a wedding ring, go custom-made all the way. Which now brings us to how you can start this design process? Will you do it yourself or with the help of an artisan?

Jewelry customization may involve alterations or creating a fresh piece of jewelry right from scratch to match your taste. 

Larger jewelry such as necklaces and rings are the most common for customization, while smaller pieces like earrings can be challenging to tackle. Let’s look at some of the customization and designs you can do for your jewelry:


Rings are the most popular jewelry for customization since most of them are heirlooms or gifts. While it’s a good gesture to give them an offering, they sometimes don’t fit correctly or lack the same taste as the recipient.

Below are types of customization you can do to your ring:

  • You may change the metal setting if you prefer a contemporary look like rose or white gold, from a classic yellow gold.
  • Switching gems that don’t feel as appealing to something you can relate to and adore. For example, you can change sapphires or diamonds to unique and rare gems such as Painite, Opal, or Alexandrite.
  • Use an unusual stone such as Trilliant or Asscher, and design custom made jewelry pieces that will look unique. 
  • Add personalization in the interior or exterior of the ring with some sentimental words. (most wedding couples use this).
  • If you have a solitaire ring, you can add some accent stones. Birthstones are gems to consider because they add symbolism.


Customized jewelry looks fantastic with elegant women. Several customization options you can us include;

  • Adjust the length of a necklace or restringing if it has pearls.
  • Adding a locket design name on a chain
  • Overlaying chains to create a beautiful textural look
  • Adding a diamond gemstone as a pendant to a chain


Most people with a great sense of style have creatively altered their earrings by using gemstones from a worn-out ring setting. However, it is not a DIY but may involve an expert who cannot mess with the valuable gem.

Wearing different earrings is a trend that the vast majority is embracing, and that can allow you to customize earrings with exciting pieces you love. You can also add small charms while ensuring they coordinate.


There are a few cases where you will find people customizing bracelets, but it is doable. You can add personal style with a few charms without ruining the beauty of your jewelry.

  • If you have a tennis bracelet, you can reset the gems and turn them into a unique pattern.
  • Turn longer bracelets or necklaces into one chunky stylish bangle.
  • Take a simple armlet and turn it into a fancy bracelet by adding small charms or beads.
  • Use smaller wristlets that don’t longer fit and design them into a larger bracelet.

Why choose custom jewelry?

With all the options available for jewelry collection, you may wonder why to go through the hassle of customization while it takes time. If you care for someone special and want to show you are thoughtful, custom-made jewelry is one of those gifts to offer.

  • Since they are unique, you will never find any other individual with similar jewelry.
  • You can impeccably match a person’s sense of style.
  • There’s an allure that this type of jewelry brings, which does not go out of fashion.  
  • Unlike the mass-produced pieces, jewelers are likely to use pure, noble metals and pay more attention while designing custom-made jewelry.

Is custom-made jewelry costly? 

The extra touch applied to custom-made jewelry may cost some extra bucks,  unlike a classic piece. For example, an engraved ring will attract additional charges than those without engraving. Also, there are those with added elements that can be quite intricate. And because they require more work, they attract more money than other jewelry.

What jewelry redesigning involves?

When you prefer to use your existing stones or metal setting to incorporate a new design, you can use them differently, by either reducing the gems or removing them entirely. For example, some people have used gemstones from an old heirloom, adding them to a new metal setting. And by doing that, you still carry the sentimental value of the family jewelry.

Metal options

Pick your metal preference for high-end jewelry, whether you love gold, platinum, or sterling silver. You can combine two or more metal colors if you wish.

In conclusion, you can now recognize how you can craft custom-made jewelry and create meaningful and stylish jewelry. Customization helps you to incorporate personality into your preferred design.

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