Use an Enhanced Dental Technology for Sparkling Smile

sparkling smile

Nowadays most are undergoing cosmetic dentistry to boost up the oral look that makes us comfortable. Generally, a person’s oral condition will define their health. It is no longer only about pulling out or filling a hole in a tooth. It has become an important resort to improve one’s appearance and confidence. Most of the dentists are willing to discuss with their patients to gain the best option in terms of expenses to obtain favorable results. Cosmetic dentist Jacksonville is providing various services to enrich their patient’s oral look.


Teeth whitening – 

Most of the teeth are often get stained from smoking, drinking, food or poor oral hygiene and some people born with darker shades of teeth can now lighten them without removing the natural outer layers. This procedure is done very quickly where tiny laser beams are shone on the teeth that have been applied through whitening chemicals. These lasers speed the whitening process and can lighten teeth to six shades. 

Fillings –

This type is used to save a cavity damaged tooth, where professional hygienists suggest to fill them rather than extracting it. These are for cases wherein the holes are not yet too bid and deep. Making a composite filling is more preferred than silver amalgam because of its appearance and other benefits. Maintaining the natural glow of a smile is done by selecting porcelain or composite material. 

Bonding –

In this method, a tooth-colored which is made of durable plastic material that is applied to the tooth and hardened with a UV or laser light. After fixing the dentist will trim, fix, polish it to its position. It can repair decayed, chipped, cracked or misshapen teeth to get into the proper look.

Crown –

It is also referred to as a cap where fits over and replaces the entire decayed or injured tooth above the gum line, to get a good appearance. It keeps a weak tooth from breaking or holding a cracked tooth that can be covered over an artificial look.

Inlays & Onlays –

This type is an indirect filling that is made from gold, porcelain or composite materials to fill them. It is molded according to their mouth structure. It fills & covers the biting surface to preserve as much healthy mouth as possible or an alternative to the crown. 

Implants –

This type is fixing a titanium replacement in roots of missing place in the bone which fits the space and looks like a natural look. 


Obtaining these treatments will always add a certain advantage to improve the self-conscious about their appearance, smile and creates a positive look of confidence. Many cosmetic procedures are completed within one visit to the dentist. Due to advanced technology in this field, there is a solution for every issue that is faced in the mouth. Gaining cosmetic treatment will make them smile better in a healthier way. Every procedure time is maintained by both the patient and doctor because professional guidance is needed and that has to be followed by the patient in an effective way.

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