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Getting Deliveries or Sending Out some were never this Easy! But, with the DeliveryKing App, people can now Experience the most amazing Facility that has ever been create by Mankind. That is, Doorstep Deliveries! DeliveryKing is an All-In-One Delivery App Solution to get On-Demand Food Delivery from a nearby Restaurant. Groceries from Stores near your Locality, Medicines, Wine-Alcohol, etc.

With so many Delivery Options in its Fold, this App is a true Monarch! 


It is the Most Advanced App that offers Wide-Ranging Delivery Services.

These Four Major Components will tell you what this App actually Delivers!

  1. DeliverAll

The App Users can conveniently purchase Items from the Stores and get them deliver to the Doorstep. Users can Order Tuwo Masar or delicious Banga Soup, or get Potatoes, Oat Milk, Mozzarella, or an Anakena Merlot Red Wine Bottle! In short, with DeliverAll Service, the App Users can purchase from Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, etc., and get the Items Deliver to their Doorstep!

  1. Parcel or Courier Delivery

Book ‘Single Delivery’ to send anything from One Place to another. Send a big BOX of Parcels to a Single Destination or even a Small Item that can be carry on a Bike or Car! The Users can also book the ‘Multiple Delivery’ Option on DeliveryKing. The on demand delivery app if they want to deliver more than One Item to different Locations!

  1. Delivery Genie

Hire a Personal Shopper who would Purchase the items on your behalf from any Store, even if the Store’s not registered the App. The User has to add the Delivery Location on the App along with the Store Name and Address. Next, the User will have to enter the Item Details like – Name of the Item, Item Quantity, etc. The Shopper will go to the Store, Pick-up all the Items, Upload their Picture on the App, and after the User’s Approval, they go ahead and Purchase them! Every item will be delivered to the add Address within minutes!

  1. Delivery Runner

The Runner does the Errand Jobs for the User. Suppose, A User wants to send J.K. Rowling’s Book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to a Friend’s Home in Valley Brook. Get a Package Picked Up from Fireworks Outlet OKC and delivered to their home in Shields-Davis. Then, a Runner is a perfect person for the Job!

State-of-the-art Features of this All In One Delivery App Solution!

  • GDPR & EU (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant Cookie Consent Pop Up for Websites. This Cookie Consent is asked through a Pop Up to which the user can click the ‘OK’ Button to confirm! It will ask the User if they want the Website Data to be Deleted or their Browsing History!
  • The 18+ Age Confirmation Feature lets the Online Alcohol Sellers registered on the App verify the Buyer’s Age before the Purchase happens! Under this feature, the User has to upload a Photo of their Identity Card before Placing the Order. Then, the Delivery Driver will verify the ID Proof after matching the photo with the Original ID Card while Delivering the Alcohol!
  • The Users no longer have to scroll for hours to search for an Item on the App. With Item Name Search Option, the App User has to add Relevant Keywords in the Search Bar. And all the Items and Stores selling it will appear on the All Delivery App’ Screen!


This Intriguing App is one of the Biggest and the Most Innovative Delivery App! So, do you want to become a Successful Entrepreneur and run a Delivery Business all across your County? Well, DeliveryKing – the All In One Delivery App Solution is the way to go forward!

Earn Easy and Quick Money without hassles of Managing Inventory, Fleet, etc.! Get started with your Dream and look for a Globally Reputed White-Labeling Firm Now.

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