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Delhi is nothing short of a hub in itself. The vast party culture, the late-night drives the 24*7 stores, the clubs at Connaught place, and the romantic drives at India Gate are priceless. 2020 on the other hand was successful to put an end to all of it for a significant amount of time. Things are now getting back to normal at a slow pace but it is still a giant responsibility to stay safe and powerful to defeat the novel coronavirus. Many places and destinations in Delhi although are back on great and upbeat working to their full potential and people have also come out of their shelves and enjoying life like they used to. The crowd at clubs, and traffic on red lights proves to us that people have now developed herd immunity and the economy along with personal lives will soon be back to how it was. For the party planner, wedding and matchmakers, and even those solo party animals there couldn’t be a nicer piece of news. All those who are already out and know just the place and thing to do, are good to go but for those who need just a nudge to get back on, here are a few things you can do to start enjoying things in Delhi and do what Delhi and it’s people are famous for, partying!

Go food hunting

The fiery paan, the giant pizza, the cheese dosa, the vodka Golgappa, the paan flavoured ice cream, and cheap buffet in luxurious hotels, and timeless online cake delivery in Delhi where else can you find any of this? Just like old times go back to exploring these places and food items, that’s what the people of Delhi are known for, we are foodies.

Pursue the dream of vlogging

In every corner of the city, you can see a group of teenagers creating reel videos and other such funny content for their social media channels. In this league comes the food vloggers who are rather appreciated by people. If you too have wanted to pursue it, begin now with newer restaurants and an opportunity to collaborate with brands to reestablish their value after covid.

A late-night drive at India gate

The late-night drive to India gate from the other corner of the city is priceless money when experienced with friends. Take out your cars and go for a drive. Don’t forget to eat iconic candy and ice creams.

Window shopping at Connaught place

It is a crowded place and more people are outside the brand outlets than they are inside. There you will get to explore some large multi-brand outlets to some high-priced unrecognizable brands as well. It is always a good place to gather ideas of trends and get a little aspirational.

Photoshoot on streets

Scrolling Instagram it is common to see pictures of people flaunting exotic poses in the streets of Delhi. If you have always dreamed of doing it too, the street is now open and you can take your chance too. Choose a photographer friend, pick a few poses and get on it.

Partying in clubs

The party culture of Delhi is very happening and lavish. Many people who pursue partying on weekends to take off the weekday stress have missed it for a long time and if you are one of them too, partying in the club is now on.

Staying at hotels

Neemrana fort, luxury hotels in Gurgaon, and other such places are always filled with people in Delhi. And these places are open again for people who want to pay a visit. We have all certainly saved the money for it, might as well spend it.

One day trip to Chandigarh

Delhi to Chandigarh trips on weekends is very famous. The Sukhna lake and the hotels in Murthal on the way take many back to the nostalgic lane. If you haven’t done this before, it’s your time to do it now.

Visit the dum dum lake

Have you heard of this place before it’s amazing and worth a visit with family and friends? It has all these amazing physical activities like climbing the wall, crawling like military men, boating in the lake, and others. It’s good for a one-day outing.

Visit famous places

Pratap Garh farms, lotus temple, red fort, Qutub Minar, the garden of five senses, trampoline park are some famous places that attract the crowd of Delhi. These along with some giant and luxurious malls are worth visiting.

Get the engines running, gather friends, and with all regulations start living your life like it was once led.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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